March 30, 2011 (#800)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 30, 2011:

Sustainable Utopia:
World Herd Management for Profit Enlargement:

"Blurring of Battlefields with Military Techniques
Used on All Nations, Destroy Freedoms We Seek,
Total Surveillance is No Grandiose Boast,
The Public are Well On the Road to Be Toast,
Under "Keeping Us Safe" There's No Privacy at All,
And Lying, Scheming Governments are Not Playing Ball,
War On Nations, War On the Mind,
Ruthless Police "Services" Trained Not to Be Kind,
Austerity is Here, Not Some High Contemplations,
World's Resources are Managed by Big Corporations
Who are All for Sustainability, Which, to Guess
Means You'll Pay Much More to Receive Much Less,
Yes, Intertwined Business with U.N. is Chargin'
At the Gallop to Increase Profit Margin"
© Alan Watt March 30, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - March 30, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 30th of March 2011.  Newcomers, I always suggest you look into  You’ll find hundreds of audios for download there for free.  I try, hopefully, to give you a shortcut, lots of shortcuts actually, to understanding this big system into which you’re born, a system that was really up and working and totally integrated too, working together before you were born, and that nations were really nonexistent a long time ago, certainly during World War II and afterwards especially, but even prior to that too.  They had various leagues and combines as they called them, and treaties, to basically take over the world and its resources and bring in a nice scientifically controlled society across the planet.  That’s what you’re living through now, is the final part of the taking over of resources and the sharing of everything that happens to be around you.  Water, food, everything is to be shared supposedly, but it’s to be shared through big international corporations who will reap the profits and leave you in what’s called austerity, you know, the proper place for serfs to live in, and it is to be austere.  So that’s where you’re all going. 


So look into the web site and remember, those are the official sites I have listed there.  I don’t own any other sites outside that particular set on the list there.  Also remember too, you can get transcripts of a lot of the talks as well for print up.  All the sites carry them in English and you can get transcripts in other languages if you go into  Remember too, to buy the books and disks I have for sale; that will keep me just ticking over, hopefully.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember too, straight donations are certainly appreciated because it costs a lot to do what I’m doing here.  It’s not just a one hour show.  It’s not a show at all, hopefully it’s an educational broadcast, but anyway.  It’s also a full-time... not even an occupation; it’s beyond that.  No crazy person would take this on unless you were really, really driven by something and I have been driven for an awful long time.  So help yourself to that, keep me going too.  As I say, straight donations are certainly welcome.


This new world order, as I say, is not new at all.  We’ve had new phases of it as they progress down through the centuries.  You can find traces of them definitely written about back in the 1700s, increasing in the 1800s when academia got together.  Then of course once you get into the late 1800s you have the real societies backed by the biggest banks on the planet, international money lending banks, the ones who lend to nations, who formed their club in London and formed the Royal Institute of International Affairs; that was their final resting name because they had other names before that.  They have the Council on Foreign Relations elsewhere; it’s the same club of course.  Their plan was to grab all the world’s resources; that’s what Cecil Rhodes was doing, on behalf of his master Mr Rothschild who basically financed him in the first place.  That meant ALL resources.  Initially it was to grab all the valuables which they were using for money such as gold, silver and diamonds.  Then of course they went for all the other resources that a land had to offer as they used the British Empire to basically conquer the globe.  And also to set up the same structure before pulling out, of this strange thing called democracy, this hierarchical club where the offsprings’ children take over eventually and run the same system.  We have it in every country now.  We’re all run by the offspring of previous politicians, multi-millionaires, even the communist ones.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the big system that you’re born into.  You truly are born into it, as your parents were before you, and given just the correct type of education, or indoctrination, because it means one and the same thing, to make you a good taxpaying, working, obedient citizen.  That’s really how they define what a good citizen is. 


The UN of course has gone up higher, one step higher since it’s a one world system, and said that a good world citizen is a good producer and consumer.  That really means basically that if you’re over the workable age or you’re disabled or whatever, you’re just a consumer and therefore you’re not a good citizen.  And I’m serious about that too, and so are they in fact.  We’ve watched the nonsense about them increasing the pensionable age in different countries.  They’re floating the idea of 70 years of age for men in some countries, knowing darn well that few of them will ever reach that age, and that’s what they all hope for.  We’re played really like fools at the bottom, and that’s my honest truth about it, like utter fools.  To an extent from their point of view at the top, we are fools; we’ve been made to be fools.  The reality we’re given is such rubbish, at the bottom.  I often say it’s like a gopher coming out of a hole in the ground, you know, and you know something’s coming and by the time you look around to see it and where it’s coming from it’s run over you, and when you look the other way it’s disappearing over the horizon.  Well that’s how reality hits us, at this level, this low level. 


We’re bombarded with trivia all the time.  We’re bombarded with perpetual wars all the time to keep us distracted, as they go ahead with their plundering and so on.  You don’t realize these plundering techniques were planned maybe 50 years ago, for these particular countries.  Winston Churchill talked about it in his own writings back in the 1940s, and before that in fact, where he talked about these countries would have to be taken out for their oil, and that’s what we’re doing now.  He also knew of the big association that was called the Royal Institute of International Affairs and other names before that, but he knew of this group and he knew that was their intention, the world system.  Giving a socialist type system to run the public is far superior than a so-called free, democratic society where the public might once in a while say no, we’ve had enough, but you can’t do that in a socialist/communist type system.  You take your orders from above, just like China and that’s why they like China, as a model state for the world.  The guy at the top shouts an order and it’s prattled down to the people at the bottom and they simply obey, you see. 


Now, last night I also talked about how the leaders are picked and gave you one example of one of the big foundations and organizations, that works with all governments, through the United Nations again, for international jobs, for global governance by the way.  They announced their 70th birthday... 70th birthday... to pick global leaders.  And not just global leaders in politics, mainly politics of course, and high bureaucracies – you forget bureaucrats are there all the time regardless of what puppet face they give you for a President or Prime Minister – and they’re often more important than the front men in fact.  But they also go in for novelists, writers, people who write plays, anything that would change your perception because they’re into perception management.  You are certainly living through the time of massive perception management, where they’re teaching you through the Delphi technique to perceive things in a different way, the Sunstein way basically.  How do we get the peasants to stop seeing water as water and seeing it as our water... like, the corporations’ water, that’s really what it means.  But you’re supposed to see it in a different light all together, because they’re going to bring you down to utter, dire austerity. 


You will one day be weighed every week by some government official, or it will be something that you plug into your computer because they will be doing everything through your computer, and watching you too just like George Orwell’s 1984, as if they aren’t already of course.  You will be weighed and so on and fined if you are overweight.  One day too, you will have, just like they have the garbage police in Britain and elsewhere, and the green police, you’ll have people coming in to check out your kitchen and probably raid your home for extra tins of beans or something, which they can’t account for and you can’t account for because it didn’t go out the checkout counter and they don’t have it on their computer scroll.  So that’s the kind of world that they’re bringing in.  They will actually get the general public to go along with it and they can always count on the public to go against the odd man out, the odd person who says no, I’ll sneak in an extra tin of beans here.  They’ll actually use the public against such people; they have in the past; they do now in fact. 


You see, the general public are essential to this plan, you understand.  The elite couldn’t have done it without them, the great unwashed masses as they call them, because the general public like to be much the same as everybody else in the general public – whatever that means, that’s a legal term by the way, ‘general public,’ like a ‘corporate entity,’ the ‘mass entity.’  And they do.  They like to be like each other. They don’t really like something that’s different, or something that looks different, or even the fashions that some people wear, they just don’t like it at all.  They’re much more comfortable with everyone looking much the same as them.  They’re definitely more comfortable, as you’ve all found out, when you’re talking about trivia from the mainstream media, or giving the false impressions that the media’s left you with about the major topics.  If you give anything outside the approved version, given by an expert on television, then you’re an oddball of some kind and a conspiracy theorist.  So the mob will turn against you, you can count on that.  They’ve used the mob down through history to witch hunt out people who won’t go along with the system; in every country it works the same way, by the way. 


They used the technique in China, when they used to use the militia at one point to pick up pregnant women.  They’d raid the houses and drag them off to the abortion clinic for having her second child.  Now they don’t have to do that.  They’ve done so much good work you see, again, Sunsteinian type work on perception management, that the neighbors will do it.  The neighbors will tell them, you’re being unpatriotic and antisocial and you’re taking the food from other people by raising this child, or wanting another child, it’s antisocial.  Count on the mob because they’re so easily trained.  They don’t know they’re being trained but they are.  And that’s also why in Eastern Germany towards the end, before the wall came tumbling down, supposedly, which it didn’t really, it was all planned to come down at the right time – that’s what’s interesting because Rockefeller told Gorbachev that 15 years before it; that’s why I know, but anyway.  He also told him too that if you don’t join this European Union you’ll be left behind, etc, etc.  That’s no kidding. They had a special envoy to Gorbachev years before and Rockefeller told him straight to his face how it was going to be and that’s how it became.  So you’re living through an amazing script. 


In East Germany they had the Stasi, the secret police.  They’d put movies out; I think one was called, The Lives of Others.  It was an excellent portrayal on snooping.  There was so much snooping going on by the government and agencies on every single person until eventually they even had 1 in 6 informers.  1 out of every 6 people was an informer, in the whole of society.  And you think it’s any different anywhere else?  You understand, when you live in a country you’re taught to be proud of the country; it doesn’t matter what kind of country it is.  The people in East Germany were taught to be proud of East Germany when it was communist.  People under the Nazi regime were proud to be Nazis.  It’s so easy to make people proud of being part of something big, especially if it’s got a big agenda and positive freedom, as it’s called in philosophy.  A big agenda to carry out, a big role to create history in the future, and it’s easy to get them on a roll towards that.  So any country can have its snoops. 


Then you go into reading Lawrence who was the so-called Lawrence of Arabia and his Seven Pillars of Wisdom for instance.  He tells you, back then, at World War I, that he was sent out, and picked at school of course and taught Arabic and various dialects of the Aramaic languages.  He was sent out with a team of intelligence officers to go into the Arabic countries and start up newspapers.  And the newspapers – remember this is just before World War I was starting.  These newspapers would put out articles every day, and then they would hire hundreds of snoops to go around the bazaars and listen to the gossip of the men to see if they were picking up on the stuff they were putting out, the articles and topics.  And to see, too, if they were even influenced by them because that was the whole point of starting up these various newspapers, to influence opinion and to bend them into thinking about things in a different way or even hating the neighboring country.  If war was scheduled by Britain they’d get them to actually hate, by putting out falsehoods and lies but very plausible sounding lies.  This is an old technique of doing this, as I say, much easier to do today because you have a television in every house across the planet pretty well. 


So there’s nothing new.  And they had all those snoops too, back in World War I.  And at one point too, before World War II they said that in The City of London alone they had over, I think it was 3,000 professional fulltime snoops, just snooping on the British public.  Now of course they use your computers to do it, but they also use people in every street.  In every street they have people whose job it is, might seem retired to you or some person who is taking early retirement or whatever, but their job is to carry all data to their bosses, all gossip about you and what you do and what you think and everybody else, etc.  And that’s made use of even by the lower strata of security which is just your general police forces.  So there’s nothing new under the sun, it’s just that you’re kept ignorant of most of this and have been all your lives.  As I say, now they have the best technique of all, along with the regular snoops, they still have them, they’ll never do away with them believe you me, but they also have the internet.  They have your persona.  They have your whole file made up on you, on your behavior, your probabilities of reacting in situations, through their systems which they actually run all the time.  What would you do in this situation, so they run it through a virtual world and they’re generally pretty right on how you’d behave.  And if you behave the way they want, then you are a good, approved, well conditioned citizen.  Back after this.


Hi folks, we’re back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  The movie I really meant to say, this other one, was called The Lives of Others.  That’s an interesting one to watch because it shows you a lot of the snooping that went on in the Stasi countries.  As I say, it’s everywhere.  It’s just as much here now.  In fact, it’s beyond Stasi in, say, the Americas and in the European countries.  Beyond Stasi.  You have no idea... you have no idea of the information, that’s craved for, from you, hopefully that you’ll all put up yourselves, quite happily. They’ve already trained a young generation that privacy is a strange concept.  They really do think it’s a strange concept, so they’re not antisocial at all.  Their lives are literally an open book and that’s what the governments want, because governments have wanted this for thousands of years, at least all the tyrants.  And here they have a generation growing up thinking it’s wonderful to put everything that you do up on Facebook and other ones, which is working of course with the NSA and the Pentagon and so on, and they have a complete personality profile on everybody, to make sure they’re very predictable. 


I touched, too, yesterday on the VIP schools and how they pick future leaders and have been doing it for 70 years.  It’s not just them, you understand.  If you go into the United Nations you’ll find the United Nations schools and it’s really set up for all the people who work there, the thousands and thousands and thousands of bureaucrats dealing with all levels of global governance, you see.  These schools teach them in a different reality, exactly what Bertrand Russell said in one of his books.  He was talking about the system they were bringing in, where the ones who were to be the rulers, the managerial class of the world, would get a completely different training from everyone else and a completely different world view, on all events.  They’d be in-the-know.  So you have intergenerational bureaucrats who have their own schools, trained in the same schools, to which the public, the general public are excluded.  And it’s not just there too.  See, this was all part of the system when they set it up, the plans up under Cecil Rhodes and other ones that worked with him, they would do this very thing.  But to get to the European bloc together too, they would have a particular school system for the managers, for the blocs as well, the same with North America. 


One of them is the European School and it says here...


European School, Culham

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia /


The European School in Culham, Oxfordshire, is one of 14 European Schools around Europe and the only one in United Kingdom and currently has around 800 Nursery/Primary (Alan:  That’s what it’s for.) (4–11 years old) and secondary (11–18 years old) students. The English Trust for European Education is currently engaged in the transformation of the school into an academy.


(A:  Then it gives you where it’s sited and so on...)

It is sited on the grounds of the former Culham College, a teacher training college established in 1852 by Samuel Wilberforce, Bishop of Oxford.


As of October 12, 2003, the student population of the European School, Culham was 884 — of which 88 were in the nursery school (A:  The nursery school, because the mums, you see, all work in high bureaucratic positions for the European system.), 343 in the primary school and 453 in the secondary school.  (A:  Now, this is just one of these schools, right, one of these 14 schools; this is the one in Britain.)


The European School Culham school newspaper was set up in 1994 as the "Culham Oracle".  (A:  Nice term, isn’t it, oracle...)   Recently it changed name to BIAS.  (A:  ...I guess because they’re biased against the common people.)


There are five language sections: German (DP or DS), French (FP or FS), Italian (IP or IS), Dutch (NP or NS) and English (EP or ES).


Each language has its own year group: Nursery Primary (A:  They start them very early on...) ("X"P) Secondary ("X"S)


For nursery there are two year groups. For Primary there are 5 year groups ("X"P1 to "X"P5) and for secondary there are 7 ("X"S1 to "X"S7). With the number of students in the Dutch and Italian sections decreasing these groups are usually grouped with the English classes for Science, Sports and Maths. L1 (A:  I think this is Latin.) is still taught to the semi-merged groups in mother tongue.


The school's future is currently under discussion. These schools were formed primarily with the aim of serving Commission's employees (A:  That’s the European Commission.) where EU projects were present. JET/EFDA, in Culham, is currently scheduled for closure with the project moving to Cadarache, France around 2016/17. Parents and the local community are seeking to transform the school in order to safeguard its future as an associate European school.


Anyway, so they have these special schools, as I say, for the United Nations, for every country in the European Union, for those who are in the Commission, the High Commission. The High Commission is more important than the politicians, you understand, because they are the high bureaucrats, and they’re taught, they’re taught in a certain way.  I’ve heard one or two of them speak; generally they go through public relations who soften it for the lowly herd that they’re ruling over.  Sometimes when one of the real people come out and speak, right off the cuff, they’re very dictatorial because they haven’t been trained in any form of democracy whatsoever.  They know they’re not democratic, and that’s the system these world managers are bringing in with these bureaucrats.  Worse actually than the soviet system; definitely on par, I would say worse.  So that’s how it’s all run and, again, in pretty well secrecy.  And since they’re all in the family and they’re all intermarried with each other, these thousands of bureaucrats, and their children come up in the same schools where they’re given a different reality.  They don’t mix with the general public; they have nothing in common with the general public at all.  So that’s another one, as I say, of how they train the world managers, world leaders. 


At another level too, we’re kept in the dark with all information on reality, whatsoever.  Even to do with Japan, because I’ve read articles here, over a week ago in fact, when the radiation hit the west coast, and it came out from the US actually at the time, and of course Canada is just beginning to say that it’s caught us now even though we found it in seaweed a few days ago.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about Canada and how we’re kept in the dark at the bottom.  It’s so easy in Canada because, as I say, yesterday the main page of the Toronto Sun, the front page, the whole full page, was a picture of Celine Dion who’s been harassed by some doctor or something and a judge was telling the guy to stay off or something, to stay away.  That’s your main story for the country, eh.  That’s what we’ve been reduced to.  All by design, by the way.  Back to this story here, it talks about, the CBC again, the Communist Broadcasting Corporation... That’s what it was normally called, affectionately, by those in it, many of whom were communists in fact.  It’s owned by the government of course, and run by the government; it’s run by the taxpayers’ money.  They make a lot of movies and things that nobody watches; they’re famous for it.  They’re so boring; they’re so politically correct, and they’re so forward with the embedded stuff in their plays and so on.  They don’t even have the knack of the US. They’re using the knack that they used in the Soviet Union to get their political correctness across; it’s too crude; it’s too straightforward you see, and obvious.


This article here is from British Columbia, CBC.  It says...


B.C. radiation risk won't be known for a week

Local radiation levels linked to Japanese reactor minuscule: scientists

CBC News Posted: Mar 29, 2011 /


So far, B.C. scientists have said local radiation levels that can be linked to the Japanese reactor are minuscule and pose no health risk to the public.  (A:  So we’ve got ‘miniscule’ again on that scale that we can all measure, because we’re down at the bottom heap where the mushrooms are and there’re no slide rule for ‘miniscule’.  Maybe the large one will be ‘gigantium’ or something, or who knows how they’ll have it.  Anyway...)


Starosta said researchers will continue to keep an eye on radioactive iodine 131 (A:  They want you to keep looking at this one because, as I say, it has a short lifespan.)— a key component of nuclear power plant radiation — but also on cesium 137.


"Cesium is harder to detect than iodine 131," Starosta said.


Iodine 131 also decays rapidly, he said, lessening the risk. Cesium can remain in the atmosphere for 30 years.  (A:  So if you’ve got any wills to do you’d better get them done rather fast.  And what about plutonium?)


Starosta said whether the leaking plutonium at Fukushima will appear in B.C is also a question (A:  Well, they know darn well it will, everything else will.), because it's unclear if it travels the same way the other radioactive elements do.  (A:  Utter nonsense.)


They’ve done so many tests during the nuclear testing, they know exactly how it travels, how far it will travel, what kind of wind it needs to do so, what kind of height it needs, and how much land it will cover.  So this is your usual babysucker, those little things they stick in baby’s mouths to keep them quiet; this is a baby sucker story, you see.  And it’s rather typical of the stuff they give out to the public.  Meanwhile, they talk about ‘really low levels’ and ‘minimum’ and all that kind of stuff.  It does say too though, they go on to say that they’ll keep prepared for higher doses coming in.  And then it says, “we’ll have a window to react and prepare for that.”  I wonder what they’re going to do?  I’d say shut the window, wouldn’t you; close the window, don’t let any in.  So they have ‘a window to react’ as it comes over Canada, and that probably means that all, you know, the real people, the people who are somebodies will all get rushed into underground bunkers, which they certainly have had for an awful long time.  That’s what that will mean, because what they going to do for you?  All they’ll tell you is to close your window.  That’s the Disneyland we live in, as I say.


I’ve said for years too, as the US finishes off the big plundering plan across the world, pays for it all through tax money, they would have the rug, the carpet pulled from under their feet at the same time as they’re accomplishing their last missions.  That’s what they’ve been doing over the last few years of course, pulling the rug from under the Americas and really still staving off hyperinflation.  They’ve done a better job because it’s easy to do with a Federal Reserve when some guy just tells you what the purchasing power of that dollar is going to be and they all believe it.  So it’s easier to bring them down slower than other countries where they’re paying through the nose and currency becomes like Pesos or something.  So they’re still using the US and meanwhile, it says here...


Detroit loses a staggering 25% of its population in a decade / March 22, 2011/ CNN Wire Staff


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Detroit saw its population drop from 951,270 in 2000 to 713,777 last year -- its lowest since the 1910 census.


That tells only part of a classic rise and fall of a city that lost residents to the suburbs and the dramatic decline of the auto industry.  (A:  The decline? [Alan chuckles.] They’re making more Fords and so on and GMs over in China, and boasting about how they’re selling more than they sold in the States this year.)


Buoyed by industrialization and Henry Ford and other entrepreneurs, Detroit's population skyrocketed at the dawn of the 20th century.  (A:  Then it gives you how high the figures were at one time and so on.  It says...)


The state's population fell 0.6% -- from 9.94 million to 9.89 million -- costing the state yet another congressional district. At its peak, after the 1960 census, Michigan had 19 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The state's Capitol Hill clout has eroded, one or two seats a decade, since 1980. Now, it's down to just 14. 


And why are they doing all this particular stuff?  It’s because you see, they have problems getting the new taxes and stuff through.  See, the higher the population the more they can hit their targets.  The lower the population, they’re going to make the people who are remaining still try to meet those high targets.  So this other article here says...


The Michigan Monarchy (A:  The Michigan MONARCHY...) Legislates Financial Martial Law - Nation Yawns (A:  That’s how interesting it is to most folk.)

Mar. 18 2011 / / By RICK UNGAR


This week, the Michigan legislature passed – and the governor signed into law – a bill that would permit Governor Rick Snyder to push aside elected city officials and replace them with emergency financial managers in any municipality or school district facing financial difficulties.  (A:  Well that’s what they’re doing in Britain, by the way, unelected officials being appointed across cities and so on by this decentralization/communitarian idea.)


The law would include virtually every town and city in the state as those cities that aren’t bankrupt already soon will be once the governor’s proposed budget – which cuts billions in aid to municipalities and school districts – is approved by the legislature.  (A:  So you have got communitarianism coming FAST in the States.)


Maybe our collective short attention spans have been overworked to the point of exhaustion by the cascading events recently experienced in Wisconsin. Or maybe the arrival of some good weather, combined with the start of March Madness, has given us an excuse to take a break from the more pressing issues of life.


Whatever the reason, one of the most shocking, Draconian, democracy-destroying measures in the history of this country has became law – and the nation has seemingly slept through it.


Should you think I am somehow overstating the issue – which would certainly be understandable given how difficult all of this is to believe – let’s do a quick review of what has happened in Wolverine State.


The new law, described by one of the GOP legislators sponsoring the bill as “financial martial law” (A:  This is the name of it, eh.), empowers the governor’s appointees (referred to as ‘Emergency Financial Managers’ but more aptly termed viceroys appointed by the king) allows the EFR to fire duly elected local officials, cancel labor contracts and even dissolve entire communities and school districts.  (A:  There’s democracy in action, eh, as we’re pushing democracy across the planet to people in Arabian countries, as we steal their land off them.)


Set aside, for the moment, your feelings about the state government’s newly acquired ability to cancel collective bargaining agreements. While I may vehemently disagree with the efforts underway to destroy state employee unions -and I do- I recognize that there are many who believe that this is necessary to save our states and cities from financial insolvency. 


I’ll tell you what got it that way in the first place, is utter corruption by certain peoples who seem to always get into office and they’re often related to each other as well. That’s what really caused it all, massive corruption over too many, too many years.  And that’s the state you’re in today.  But as I say, it helps you with the new system that they’re copying, in Britain; it’s obviously, obviously a copy of Britain the way they’re going here with these appointed officials and unelected people.  So they’re on a roll.


Another article I want to read too, is about all the usual... remember, it was Eisenhower talked about the Military-Industrial Complex and always you had to keep an eye on them.  Because the Military-Industrial Complex is industry, but it’s also the banking industry because they’re always involved with loaning and funding and so on.  That’s all part, of course, of this Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations global governance idea.  They’re a big part of it.  All the big companies now, even Lockheed Martin is into so many things to do with tracking and tracing you and computer stuff.  Because you see, the big boys are part, are still part of the Military-Industrial Complex but they’re also... You understand, society is changing from what it was, into the battlefield is across the world now.  That’s why your cops are militarized.  That’s why you’re under a kind of martial law across the world as well.  It’s this blurring between free countries, free states, is blurred with terrorism and martial law.  You’ve got all of these agencies now in on the act, including all the computer agencies and monitoring systems. 


HP expands energy and carbon monitoring services

By Agam Shah / / March 10, 2011


(A:  You see, this is all part of this system now, that’s up and running, but nobody wanted and nobody was asked if you wanted it, to, again, bring big bucks into not just the United Nations coffers as it builds itself up to the big monstrous beast that it’s to be, but also to help skim off a lot of the carbon, that’s called dirty money, into the banks that have to funnel it as well and which happens to be the Rothschild private bank in Switzerland.  It says here...)


IDG News Service - Hewlett-Packard on Thursday announced a new portfolio of services to determine and implement ways to cut energy costs and carbon emissions across organizations.  (A:  So there’s the way they put it.  I love the way that they get you to perceive things, by the way they word it.  It’s psycholinguistics, you see.)


HP's Energy and Sustainability Management (ESM) program will include services to monitor and report energy usage and carbon emissions in buildings, data centers and supply chains, said Ken Hamilton, director of global energy and sustainability services at HP's Technology Consulting group. The services will also include determination of financial models to balance business operations with energy use and sustainability.  (A:  I love this term ‘sustainability’ eh.  Remember too, this is also going to be combined with your Smart Meters, folks, at home.  And they’ll balance out this energy that you’ve sucked up, you see, and do a quick equation into what it would cost for carbon and for all energy to make that electricity, and you’re going to get taxed on this.)


"Organizations are investing in point-specific opportunities," Hamilton said. For example, companies are spending on specific cooling techniques in data centers, but HP wants companies to think across the board to include building facilities and the supply chain. Such an expansion could help build a more accurate business model to cut energy costs and mitigate emissions.


The services include an audit of materials, parts, water and waste management. The program also offers specific monitoring and reporting services through tools such as analytics software for water usage, energy efficiency and carbon emissions.  (A:  It’s the whole kit-and-caboodle, right from your water, right through everything.  ...I love how they call it ‘service’ too, eh.)


The services could be useful for companies looking to squeeze more savings out of existing business operations, said Michael Kanellos, senior analyst at Greentech Media.


"Energy and natural resources are going up in price," (A:  That’s because the big boys are taking them over.) Kanellos said. "It could be a larger share of the operating expenses."


There is a growing interest in evaluating and applying geothermal energy alternatives into business operations, Hamilton said. The services could help a company choose options for renewable energy sources based on requirements driven by either regulatory or company policy. HP then helps evaluate costs, benefits and operational factors of the options and provides recommendations, Hamilton said. 


So they’re in on it too. And by the way, I was going to say too, that some of the big fighter aircraft makers too, are into the same kind of deals to do with security over YOU.  See, warfare, as I say, shifted onto your home territory, right through civilian life.  It’s all on you.  You don’t know it yet but that’s how it is.  That’s how it truly is.  It’s shifted upon you, with all your monitoring and all the rest of it.  You’re only not getting the bombs dropped down on you.  That’s the only difference you’re having right now.  That’s all that’s happening.  Look at the way your cops dress up today.  They’ve become the cartoon figures they’ve grown up watching, and that’s how they want to be.  Puffed up on steroids, they want the people to be afraid of them.  And they give them black outfits, you know, the executioner’s color, you know.  And the dark glasses and the leather gloves, just like the movies that they’ve been playing all their lives, the games they’ve been playing too.  And they’re set out there to kill.  So it’s quite something how everyone’s getting in on this act.  And it’s not by chance; it’s because it was preordained that they come in on all of this.  And they were probably told about all of this too, years and years and years ago.  They don’t suddenly come out with all this stuff at once.  Corporations have their own massive bureaucracies.  They work slowly too, just like governments do.  They go around corners on square wheels.  It takes them years to prepare for anything, so they’re always in on-the-know of what’s coming. 


Now, unpaid jobs are the new normal it says here. 


Unpaid jobs: The new normal?

While businesses are generally wary of the risks of using unpaid labor, companies that have used free workers say it can pay off when done right.  (A:  Right.)

March 25, 2011 / / By Katherine Reynolds Lewis, contributor


FORTUNE -- With nearly 14 million unemployed workers in America, many have gotten so desperate that they're willing to work for free. While some businesses are wary of the legal risks and supervision such an arrangement might require, companies that have used free workers say it can pay off when done right.


"People who work for free are far hungrier than anybody who has a salary, so they're going to outperform, they're going to try to please (A:  Just like, oh feed me massa, feed me...), they're going to be creative," says Kelly Fallis, chief executive of Remote Stylist, a Toronto and New York-based startup that provides Web-based interior design services. "From a cost savings perspective, to get something off the ground, it's huge. Especially if you're a small business."  (A:  That’s not bad, slave labor, eh.)


In the last three years, Fallis has used about 50 unpaid interns for duties in marketing, editorial, advertising, sales, account management and public relations.  She's convinced it's the wave of the future in human resources. "Ten years from now, this is going to be the norm," she says.  (A:  Isn’t that wonderful folks?  That’s what you see in THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES.  I hope you understand what’s all happening, all of this stuff.  I hope, hope, hope you see; I really do.)


Alan:  Now there’s callers on the line.  There’s Dave from England on the line.  Are you there David?


David:  Hello.  How are you Alan?


Alan:  Oh, hangin in here, like everyone else.


David:  Yeah, hopefully.  I’m doin’ all right here, all right... well, considering.


Alan:  ....considering... I know.  [Alan laughing.]  I know what you mean.


David:  You still have some free speech, even though we might have different opinions on certain levels. 


Alan:  You’ve still got a sense of free speech.  That will be cracked down on soon though. 


David:  Well, I understand what you’re saying and I’m well aware of that, but I’m not worried. 


Alan:  Well, there’s no point being worried about it because it will come, it will come regardless.  They’ve already got things going through parliament in Britain to do with speech and what can be said, what cannot be said.  But we’ve got to do it until, until we die, obviously.  We’ve got to speak, got to keep speaking.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and is Dave still on the line there?


David:  Yes, hello.


Alan:  Okay.  So how are things with you over there? 


David:  Well actually, at the moment my mother is always terrified that, the fact that I’m on the phone speaking to a radio station.  That’s how bad things are, to be honest. 


Alan:  People get paranoid now. 


David:  Well, she worries. 


Alan:  And it’s true enough, when you get a situation where people are worried because someone’s sticking their head out, or above ground, and saying something, then they all feel afraid in case it brings down the wrath of God on them.


David:  That’s understandable. 


Alan:  Yes.  Oh, perfectly understandable.  And again too, that’s what the governments are actually counting on, that those who want to speak out will be cowed by relatives and friends so that they won’t stand up and speak, you see.


David:  Well, I’ve experienced that.  And I’m not saying I’m special or anything like that, but I knew that I could do this.  I knew that I would not back down.  I haven’t, and I was not going to let you down, because you were honest with me and you told me the truth.  I’ve told you the truth.  And I’ve took you on your word that you accepted that.  And that’s good enough for me.


Alan:  That’s how you have to be.  You have to be, especially in these times of troubles and all the rest of it too, people can’t play with people anymore.  There’s too much playing going on with everyone else, and from governments to the public and the public with each other.  We’ve got to be very, very serious because we’re going through incredibly serious times.  And it’s going to be a living hell, the world they’re bringing in, an utterly living hell, where people... Well, you know it more so in Britain where you do have these garbage police and everything else and people who report people all the time, in your communities, until literally it changes the way that you live, how you think; you can’t be relaxed for a minute.  That’s what they want.  They want everyone on edge, living under cameras and watched all the time.  You can’t be spontaneous so it alters behavior.  And that’s a technique of bringing you down into that sovietized system, where everyone walked around staring at the sidewalk, with no expressions on their faces in case they’d be seen on a camera, and someone would come up and ask them, why have you got that strange smile on your face?  That was enough to get you into trouble, you know.


David:  I understand that.


Alan:  Yeah, they want you to all be cowed down and they want you to go along.  They count on the family unit to pressure the individual into succumbing and, just be nice, just be normal, just be normal and do what everyone else does, which is...


David:  The way I looked at it was, I just saw it the opposite way.  There’s no way that that is stronger than my family.  And it isn’t.  So the only thing I was thinking was, what are we going to do, what is the alternative?  There’s got to be some point where everything you say has got to be recognized, but then sort of put behind us, and try and find a compromise.


Alan:  You’ve got to compromise too.  You can’t back down, but you don’t have to make enemies with them either.


David:  That’s right.


Alan:  That’s what you’ve got to do. 


David:  That’s a good way of putting it.


Alan:  Well thanks for calling, Dave.  That’s the end of the show now, and maybe Darlene from Colorado can call back tomorrow, hopefully.  It’s a short show; it just flies in.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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