Aug. 8, 2011 (#892)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 8, 2011:

Money Game is Always the Same:

"The Rich Got Richer Pulled by Allure,
The Rest Downgraded by Standard & Poor,
It's All Run by Same Boys, The Money Cartel,
Who Loan to Nations, Finance Wars of Hell,
Progress is What They Call Total Control
Over Necessities for Life, Always the Goal,
Interdependence Means You Completely Depend
On a Global Market to Borrow & Lend,
Out of the Dollar Downgrade Comes Arrival
Of Laws Legitimizing Corporations for Survival,
That's Your Continuity if You Please,
Basic Necessities? Get Down On Your Knees"
© Alan Watt Aug. 8, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Aug. 8, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on August the 8th 2011.  For newcomers, you should look into the web site and help yourself to the audios which are there for free download.  Thereís hundreds to choose from and hopefully Iíll give you little clues and insights into the big systems that interlock above governments and within governments, to run the whole world.  Thatís from basic natural resources all the way through, every aspect of your life is run by corporations and monopolies, set up a long time ago to do that very thing.  And of course, the regular media donít tell you generally how these corporations interlink to control you and how they plan the future to make sure theyíre always in control.  But thatís really the way it is.  Weíre part of a big, big business plan, including eugenics too Ė thatís all involved in it as well Ė and future projections with big think tanks working for governments projecting the kinds of humans theyíd like to go on into the future, into the next part of their brave new world scenario, as they let the rest of them die off or actually encourage death in fact through various other means.  Itís all part of it.  Thatís how they talk at the very top; theyíre very cold and practical and pragmatic about things. 


So help yourself to the audios.  Remember too, that you can buy the books and disks I have for sale at and that will help me just tick over for a little while longer.  I donít bring on advertisers as guests, who generally terrify the people and then hopefully they give you an antidote to save yourselves.  Thatís how things generally work, but I donít bring them on.  Therefore, the ads you hear on this show are paid directly by advertisers to RBN to pay for this program and to pay for their studio time, and to pay their employees and their bills as well, because we all get those as inflation creeps up.  So you can help me with mine by buying the books and disks.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember, straight donations are awfully welcome as well.  Because as we all know, I think anybody whoís got a memory today can remember that wages have been stagnant for about 20-odd years, really, across the board in most countries, actually longer than that, and inflation goes on and on and on. 


This is all part of your austerity.  They were doing it long before they told you and it was planned a long time ago to standardize the whole world and pretend that we can compete with the Chinese, with their $4 a week program and all that kind of nonsense.  Itís quite something when you see adults, adults called experts saying we have to compete with the Chinese, with a straight face, on television.  Itís quite the joke, you know.  They donít even tip their waitress for that, for a weekís salary in China, believe you me.  So this is what they tell you youíre supposed to do in the future.  And if they really mean it, if they really were to mean it that is and not kidding about it, or scamming you, then obviously weíd be in bad, bad straits, and never mind the fact itís impossible to compete with Chinese wages. 


So weíre stuck in the crossroads here as the big boys, whoíve planned this very scenario now, who said weíd go into austerity, who said that the crash of 2008 wouldnít hit us until about 3-5 years later, now theyíre on with the next part as they downgrade the US, exactly as was planned of course.  Because the US must learn to adapt into the third world status that it helped basically create across the whole planet.  Weíre all to go down to about third world...  two and half say, a two and a half level standard, not quite third world, and share everything.  That means that the same monopolies across the planet will share the loot from all the peasantry in the global plantation.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Itís quite the world we live in in fact.  Most folk donít know theyíre actually going along an agenda that was written a long time ago, step by step, phase by phase as Iíve mentioned many times. 


Do you really believe, do you really believe that you have nations?  If you had nations, like the US and Canada and Britain and elsewhere, would you really, really sign a World Trade Organization pact to make sure that nothing could be produced in your own country, manufactured that is, because youíre going to pay all those who manufactured in your country to go off to China and build things there?  Would you really do that, with any threat of war or fear from another people?  Of course not.  And the reason is because you see, WE financed China up to its present status. At least not Ďweí, our tax money helps certainly because we put a lot into it, but the big international bankers did it as well, the ones who help to run the show at the top, and the ones who lend to nations.  Thatís how they know that China canít go off on its own little way because the ones at the top in China are as easily corruptible as people everywhere else.  So Chinaís totally under their thumb.


You would never, ever give the ability to start churning out tanks, for instance, if you had to, away overnight to the World Trade Organization, to China.  It would never happen.  So weíve been global for an awful long time and your tax money has helped to finance these countries up to their top status, the same with India and the same with Brazil.  As I say too, investors are told when they go to the UN meetings, and thatís where you get the real lowdown on whatís going on.  They tell you the future. They tell you where all the trade, the deals are going to be made, and treaties made and where the moneyís going to be sunk.  Therefore, countries, thatís your tax money, all over the world, will go to build those countries up.  For every dollar invested by private investment theyíll back it by hundreds of dollars from your own country.  So thatís how it really, really works.


We live in an imaginative system, really, very imaginative and very clever.  Itís helped, again, along by the media, who often donít tell you the big things.  I can remember watching all this stuff going on with China and the WTO, the GATT treaty as it was signed, and all the small writing as well, lots of small writing there, pages and page of it, telling you that they would fund your own manufacturers to uproot.  You would fund them to move; youíd pay the cost of the moving.  And you would fund their factories to be set up, in China.  And youíd also fund any losses they claimed to incur for the next 10 years which could be renegotiated for another 10 years afterwards.  So thatís the kind of deals you give to big, big, big business.  And at the bottom youíre left. 


Now donít think for an instant that all the G7s and the G20s and all the G-men, you know, the big G-men, the grand masters, you know, donít think for an instant they didnít say, well what will we do with all the people back home who worked in the factories and all of the jobs associated with factories?  Remember, for every factory youíve got engineering shops, dozens of them, making individual little widgets.  Youíve got all this backup business to supply the factories.  Thatís all gone too.  So donít think for an instant they said, well theyíll all be unemployed, I guess theyíll all be working in burger joints or something.  No.  We are all at the step and the stage that the big think tanks foresaw, before they signed the World Trade Organization, you know, the ones who set it up that is.  And folk will never, ever want to believe that.  They want to believe that somehow business is independent of all nations, itís independent of all authority and it can just do what it wants.  They really want to believe that... and that governments have the power to deal with them, which is absolute nonsense because the big businesses with all their grants and money, etc, really are the guys who put the politicians into power.  And again, at the top of that you have the wise men, the ones who really run the countries and run the think tanks and tell each one what area of investigation to look into and all of the effects.  Thatís a very small club at the very top.


So here we are in it and itís now time to pull the plug, as Iíve said, in America.  And theyíve almost finished off their job, that theyíre supposed to do, which is standardize the world into this thing called democracy, this elastic band.  You know, itís never the same size twice; you can stretch and stretch it or put it back again to a small size and thatís what democracy is.  Itís whatever suits the big boys at the moment; thatís how they will redefine democracy over and over.  So as the US is to finish off Iran and Syria basically, and maybe Sudan of course, all the ones that they said back in the early 90s that they were going to do, then thatís the job almost over.  Thereíll be nothing left for military then except literally to contain the people within as they go into austerity and then riots begin, etc, etc.  So thatís the hard facts as they happen to be.  Thatís how it is. 


And your governments arenít going to call factories back in, believe you me, and say you canít sell Ė thatís what you could do Ė you canít sell here unless you have your factories here.  That would solve it but that would never happen, never, ever happen in a million years.  And what you always get too, when austerity starts to bite, and depression or recession Ė it doesnít matter what they want to call it; they have lots of terms to make it sound less heavy than it is.  Really, itís whatís really called a depression that weíre in, financial depression.  And remember too, what they said at the United Nations when the banks collapsed.  They had a big cheer and they said, okay now youíre going into austerity, which means youíre post-consumer.  And thatís the world they want. 


Theyíve hated the first world countries for so long for being so spendthrift, etc, buying things all the time, even though they got all the loot transposed across the rest of the world to help these countries, and theyíre now condemning you.  The fact is, youíre now not to buy anything anymore, supposedly.  Youíre post-consumer and your cash, if you have any cash at all, will go to rent, mortgages, increased fees, probably quadrupling or more your electricity within the first year or so, as it is in Canada and Australia and elsewhere, so all energy will eat up your disposable income.  Thatís what itís going into, energy and energy taxes, which are still to get whacked on all the rest of us, so that the big boys at the top can play themselves with their bigger luxury yachts... made in China. 


What always happens, itís a little clue to whatís happening as well, is when riots start, you see.  And I can remember back in the 70s there were riots in Britain as they went through this amazing democratic system of Britain Ė Great Britain they called it then. And it was great for those who owned it too; they looted the world for a long time, maybe about 200 families.  Anyway, youíll find that you always have riots break out.  And it always hits certain segments of society first before it hits other segments of society, in rioting.  In fact, the folk, for instance, in Britain, say the native English, are the most domesticated people because even in the 1500s there were authors writing about the fact that they were just so docile to authority; they would simply obey it no matter what the circumstances.  But it takes the ones who are often picked on to start rioting.  And sure enough, they had over the weekend there 2 or 3 cities where they were setting fire to busses and cars, cop cars as well, throwing gasoline bombs at the police, and of course looting the stores. 


Tottenham Burning - Live Feed - / Tyler Durden on 08/06/2011


That happened in the 80s as I say; itís happening again now in 2 or 3 other places, because their own were being shot by the cops.  And you donít do that with certain ethnic minorities because they have a different way of life, itís that simple.  Weíre not all going to fit into the same square holes; we are different.  So some of them got nasty after a demonstration against the police who had really riddled a guy with bullets, one of their own, and they started rioting.  It was interesting too, Iíll put some clips up tonight.  Youíll see them going in doing the shopping, through the windows, and youíll see a woman carrying off a big carpet for a living room.  Quite the job; I guess the adrenaline really works and you can do an awful lot when youíve got adrenaline pumping that you couldnít normally do.† She struggles and gets this thing out the store; it must have been about 12 feet long.† Anyway, Iíll show you that because as I say, the ones who are used to getting picked on, maybe a bit more so than others...  I canít really say that today because I think every group in Britain is picked on, with such a big police force there and the specialized branches of police force, to deal with every Ė letís call them caste systems, because thatís what you have in Britain now.  The cops in fact make their living off of chasing people down motorways in herds, literally herds of police cars.  Thatís how the country gets by too, is all these tickets going out, and again, getting rid of your disposable income, taking it back from you. 


So thatís how the rioting starts.  And maybe it will eventually branch off into the white classes too; I think it will down the road.  Maybe not yet but down the road it will when folk have to cut back and back and back, and then you become like parts of the ex-Soviet Union, which are now back on rationing, food rationing that is.  That will come as well.  Theyíve worked awfully hard to set up this system across the world.  Because Monsanto and the 4 other agri-businesses that run the worldís food supply, with the help of governments, who have outlawed every other farmer to farm naturally that is, they own the worldís food supply, with the middlemen in between that sell it to the stores, and often own stores as well, or the chains of them.  So we are at the mercy of this group who really go under the monopoly flag.  Thatís where we are today, as we go down into austerity. 


Hereís an article here and itís from the BBC.


Brixton stores looted amid clashes with riot police - / 7 August 2011

It gives you a little about it.  It gives you the usual photographs.  And a lot of youths with the hoods on and some of them have face masks, and they clash with the police.  The police have been told to back off because they donít want to stir it off into the same riots that they had; they were kind of racial riots really back in the 70s and again in the 80s.  So theyíve been told to back off a little bit. So they will.  And then after all the riots calm down they go after the individuals theyíve got on camera, individually; theyíll do it one at a time here and there.  Thatís generally how it happens.  This is the beautiful world that theyíve brought us into, where you can trigger an event any time you want to because youíve set up a powder keg. 


Now money, when the money flows everyone can get along.  But when the money stops flowing old traditional hatreds come to the surface, are exploited by a few, generally from the very top mind you, and then you get this sort of stuff going on.  Then the cops say, see you really do need us after all, you do need antiterrorist forces.  Itís all a big plan, isnít it?  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about the riots in Britain that are the first of many, Iím sure, to come.  Thatís part of the reason too, that a massive police state has been built up, nothing to do with the terrorists and so on. And in fact, it started off, this article here is from I think itís Sky News and then from The Guardian.  They say that it happened over the accidental shooting of a man Tuesday although nobodyís really sure of the reasons.  In fact it was called the Trident Force.  The Trident Force are for the police cruisers, they got a Poseidon I guess, so they call them Tridents.  They are supposed to deal with arms, firearms, etc, in Britain.  And they come in kind of gung-ho because all they do is practice killing folk and they get a chance to really do it so they definitely kill them, and there wasnít much left of this guyís face when they finished with him. Anyway, thatís sparked off the protest and then this protest turned into riots, and like most riots they end up burning down their own streets and things, apart from the stores which they loot first.  This is another article about that one too.


Itís interesting too, that one happened in the States at the same time. 


Rise of the Mob: Wisconsin Fairgoers Attacked, Violently Beaten

August 5th, 2011 / / Mac Slavo


It was at one of the big fairs that it happened, a similar thing happened, which tells me that thereís something else going on.  I can remember the riots before in the late 70s with Brixton and Tottenham and others, all going up at the same time.  At the time they said there were even people in Jeeps with loudspeakers going around organizing the crowds and then looters and the rioters.  So thereís much more to it.  Today of course theyíre all on the cell phone and they can tweet each other.  And they have found Ė the studies are awfully interesting Ė that it only takes 5% of those who are twittering away to lead all the rest, and the 95% just follow.  Thatís part of the flashmob mentality.  Interesting too, as I did the articles on flashmobs before from the military think tank in Britain, and they talked about the coming thing will be flashmobs using social networking. Which also tells me they can control them or even spark them off and tell them to riot.  You know, think about it both ways; you have to in this world.  If the elite want rioting theyíll get rioting, and theyíll cause it to happen, knowing all of the psychology, that they can get 5% of their own teams just working the 95% of looters and rioters.  Quite easy to do isnít it?


Always remember that too, never be a follower of anybody, especially mobs.  And if you see a mob coming your way, donít join them; walk the opposite way as fast as you can, because someoneís using you.  Someone is using you.


Then you go into...


UK's secret policy on torture revealed

(Alan:  You see, Britainís been awfully good with its PR for a long time. They talk about Ďthe sportsmanís instinct,í you know, and the professional people, and the officer class in the Armies.  This sportsmanship, obviously humbug actually, but theyíve always used this sportsman... Oh we always help the guy weíve knocked down back on his feet again type thing and then we plunder their country.  But anyway...) / Ian Cobain / Thursday 4 August 2011


A number of men said they were questioned by MI5 and MI6 officers after being tortured at GuantŠnamo Bay.  (A:  So they were sending them all over the world to do the torturing too, and of course, trying to say that they only watched while the US did it instead.  So itís the usual guff as I call it and it says here...)


The interrogation policy Ė details of which are believed to be too sensitive (A:  That means horrible, by the way.) to be publicly released at the government inquiry into the UK's role in torture and rendition Ė instructed senior intelligence officers to weigh the importance of the information being sought against the amount of pain they expected a prisoner to suffer.  (A:  So in other words, the more important the information, that you might or might not get out of this person, or they might not even know, gave you the idea of how much pain you could use on a prisoner.)  It was operated by the British government for almost a decade.


A copy of the secret policy showed senior intelligence officers and ministers feared the British public could be at greater risk of a terrorist attack if Islamists became aware of its existence.


One section states: "If the possibility exists that information will be or has been obtained through the mistreatment of detainees, the negative consequences may include any potential adverse effects on national security if the fact of the agency seeking or accepting information in those circumstances were to be publicly revealed. 


So, for reasons of national security they can, again, keep awfully quiet about it and go on torturing people.  I donít know how they recruit these guys, if they put ads in the paper or what it is, but thereís no problem getting people to torture people.  Have you noticed that?  No country has that problem, which means itís the dregs at the bottom that generally are in gangsterism that you would hire, isnít it?  Which tells you all you need to know about your guys in MI6.  But thatís the way it really works and itís interesting to see this across the whole world.  Every countryís pretty much the same as another country when it comes to the way it operates.  Because you see, on top of every country youíve got big gangs, and sometimes the gangs fight each other until they go into treaties with each other.  Thatís what treaties are really about; itís the gangs getting together.  And sometimes they, over a long period of time, begin to intermarry off their daughters, etc, plus the wealth, and become one big gang.  And then they tell you how to behave, as good people, which is mainly to do what they tell you to do, and just cough up.  Thatís what countries are.  Thatís what nations are.  Theyíre corporations, you see, just like big monopolies.  And when it comes to going from one country to the next and you apply to immigration, on both sides, you just fill in your name, date of birth and your social security number, your herd number basically, and then itís up to them to decide whoís going to get the right to tax that person.  Youíre a commodity, you understand.  Thatís how it really, really is, otherwise you can go anywhere and live where you wanted to.   But youíre just a commodity because all money really goes upwards to the bosses at the top, a kind of antigravity machine.  Iíll be back with more on this after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Tonight Iíll also put a link up to...


GM Crops Farmer to Farmer - / Uploaded by gmcropsfarmer2farmer / Jun 14, 2011


Itís a video about one farmer who goes from state to state talking about the realities of the GM crops and the fallacies that the farmers were sold by Monsanto, where one spray of their special Roundup does all.  It shows you how itís really affecting the weeds, how weeds are getting resistant to everything.  Itís making everything far, far worse.  It also shows an insight into the cons.   The power of this monopoly is astonishing.  Mind you theyíve bribed every politician in every country to make sure that they can put all the smaller farmers out of business, especially the ones that wonít use their GM crops.  Even when their GM crops fail theyíll give you a hand and say, okay weíll give you normal seed.  But one go of it and you canít... donít collect the seeds and use it again.  If you do theyíre down, again, with the power of government to grab your land and get you off it.  Steal it in other words.  Thatís how they really work.  Itís one big mafia.  Theyíve lobbied just about every politician there is to lobby to get what they want.  And all the judges too; I donít think one judge will go against them and find them guilty of anything.  And thatís just like the old Al Capone rackets in the 20s.  Nothing much changes when it comes to lobbying, money, power, and bribery, and threats of course.  But itís an interesting video to watch.  I saw half of it before my satellite packed in.  And you can watch it for yourselves to see actual farmers talk about it, the guys who use this stuff and what it does to the land and to the crops, and all the nonsense, as I say, that Monsanto tells you, that one spray will do all.  They have to mix two or three sprays sometimes themselves and ultra-dosing the crops to get any crops at all with them.  So weíre really getting poisoned big time.


Another article too, is about the taking over of America, by...


The UN Wildlands ProjectÖTaking Over America Starting With Florida - / July 25, 2011


That came out of the Maurice Strong 1992 Convention on Biological Diversity, the Earth Summit.  And the next part, by the way, is to take place, with these private organizations again, the new democracy thatís composed of private organizations, run by the big wealthy guys and the foundations.  Thatís to take place next year.  And if you think itís bad enough now you wait and see whatís to come out of this next one, as they put us down to the level, maybe of the mosquito, maybe even down below the mosquito I donít know.  The last one gave humans no rights at all, and gave the plants and etc and the insects and the animals all the rights.  And it was awful nice of them.  Unfortunately your governments all went along with it because itís the big agenda, because Maurice Strong who introduced it is just the front man for Rockefeller and the big foundations. 


Another article too, it doesnít matter how bad it gets in the US, you know, theyíre always buying more and more military equipment.  Well they got to finish off the Middle East for, well, somebody else.  This article goes on about the biggest, most expensive drone ever, is being bought up right now and will be put into action by the US.  It says...


US buys most expensive drones ever / 3 August, 2011


United States Air Force Global Hawk un-manned (A:  I was going to say recognition... which is does too...) reconnaissance aircraft.


With $14 trillion in the hole and a slew of wars seemingly no one wants (A:  Well somebody does.) America to be in, what better way for the United States to spend their money by putting $23 billion into spy planes?


The US will drop billions on defense spending with the purchasing of 55 Global Hawk drone planes over the next few years. Each of the four dozen-plus spy crafts comes at a price tag of $218 million apiece (A:  Not bad for the Military-Industrial Complex, eh?) ó ten times the price of the largest armed attack drone.


Global Hawk drones are capable of flying twice as high as commercial aircrafts and can spot insurgents up to 100 miles away. Once identified, the robotic crafts that are controlled from 24-hour command stations can then send images to intelligence centers or directly to troops.  (A:  So it can spot you 100 miles away itís so high up.)


The Global Hawk drones will replace the U-2 spy planes that the States currently deploys, which the US has relied on since the dawn of the Cold War.  (A:  But what a price, eh?  $218 million A PIECE!  A piece, eh...  Itís a great business isnít it?  War, really, is a great business, and thatís why they make sure thereís lot of them.  And itís so interesting too, itís the same corporations, that wrote many years ago, that with the ending of the Cold War, and with the end in sight of any kind of wars for national reasons that is, theyíd have to turn inwards towards terrorism, long before the towers went down, and basically spy equipment on the public would be a priority for them to continue. And here we all are.  Theyíre great at predicting things arenít they?  So it says...)


A team of 50 engineers will slave over the construction of the Global Hawk drones in a Palmdale, California warehouse.


The US Air Force will invest $12 billion towards the initiative, with the Navy offering almost as much to have their own versions of the Global Hawks.  (A:  Well they all want one donít they?  Some of them want them blue, some of them want them other colors.  But itís all tax money regardless isnít it?  So there you go. Thereís always cash for that isnít there?)


Also, I keep mentioning this one article...


Citi's Top Economist Says The Water Market Will Soon Eclipse Oil / Gus Lubin | Jul. 21, 2011


(A:  Very important because you see, the basic things they go after, what you need to live, and youíll pay anything to get them, one day.  Some already have in some countries; they are paying whatever it takes to get it.)


Citi economist Willem Buiter tells clients to invest in the water industry which will soon become hotter than oil.


I expect to see in the near future a massive expansion of investment in the water sector, including the production of fresh, clean water from other sources (desalination, purification), storage, shipping and transportation of water. I expect to see pipeline networks that will exceed the capacity of those for oil and gas today.


I see fleets of water tankers (single-hulled!) and storage facilities that will dwarf those we currently have for oil, natural gas and LNG. I see new canal systems dug for water transportation, (A:  Thatís probably out of Libya probably, as they steal all their water.)  similar in ambition and scale to those currently in progress in China, linking the Yangtze River in the South to the Yellow River in the arid north.  (A:  Etc, etc, etc.)


Itís funny too, that George Washington said the same thing eh?  He said, I see a nation crisscrossed by canals and water diversion to make those canals.  Interesting, eh?  But thatís just coincidence isnít it?  And then you know too, there are so many overlapping areas of government and they always get these kinds of obsessional types to take the jobs at the bottom to collect the tickets, etc.  I noticed last week that there was a guy who went out with his son, just out the backdoor basically, into a field and looking for arrowheads as they did when he was a young boy.  And along comes a park ranger and fines him a massive amount of money, because you canít do anything like that now on the park property.  Everythingís getting turned into parks, you see.  Itís amazing too, that no one stops and says, well whose land is it anyway, you know, and how come the government can snatch it up and call it a park, or the UN for that matter under its biosphere program.  Anyway, hereís a woman here...


Woodpecker-Saving Girl's Mother Gets Fined $500 / Aug 3, 2011 / Kristin Fisher


(A:  It shows you.... see, youíre all guilty of something, you just donít know it yet.   Thereís that many laws on the books, and theyíre escalating too.)


FREDERICKSBURG, Va. (WUSA) -- Eleven-year-old aspiring veterinarian, Skylar Capo, sprang into action the second she learned that a baby woodpecker in her Dad's backyard was about to be eaten by the family cat.


"I've just always loved animals," said Skylar Capo. "I couldn't stand to watch it be eaten."


Skylar couldn't find the woodpecker's mother, so she brought it to her own mother, Alison Capo, who agreed to take it home.


"She was just going to take care of it for a day or two, make sure it was safe and uninjured, and then she was going to let it go," said Capo.


But on the drive home, the Capo family stopped at a Lowes in Fredericksburg and they brought the bird inside because of the heat. (A:  I guess thatís a store.) That's when they were confronted by a fellow shopper who said she worked for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  (A:  Oh, no.)


"She was really nervous. She was shaking. (A:  ...probably with rage.) Then she pulled out a badge," said Capo.


The problem was that the woodpecker is a protected species under the Federal Migratory Bird Act.  Therefore, it is illegal to take or transport a baby woodpecker.  The Capo family says they had no idea.


"I was a little bit upset because I didn't want my mom to get in trouble," said Skylar.


So as soon as the Capo family returned home, they say they opened the cage, the bird flew away, and they reported it to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. (A:  Maybe they should have just thrown it to the cat again, eh?)


"They said that's great, that's exactly what we want to see," said Capo. "We thought that we had done everything that we could possibly do."


But roughly two weeks later, that same woman from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service showed up at Capo's front door. (A:  Well itís high crime you know.)  This time, Capo says the woman was accompanied by a state trooper.  Capo refused to accept a citation, but was later mailed a notice to appear in U.S. District Court for unlawfully taking a migratory bird.  She's also been slapped with a $535 fine. 


So there you go.  Donít be good.  Donít be good and help the wildlife.  You see, itís very much like what happened in New Orleans with the flooding.  People were falling off their roofs eventually and going into the water and FEMA was stopping neighbors diving in to help them, telling them they werenít trained for it, experts would deal with that.  You see, thatís where everythingís come now; experts run everything.   Youíre too stupid, you see, to do it yourself, apparently, so donít help anything at all Ė I guess thatís the idea Ė you always phone the authorities. 


We live in massive corruption and over-regulation.  The reason, in fact, when you look at the old books as to why America became a success, industrial and otherwise, was because they had so little legislation and government agencies just slapping out rules and regulations.  That truly was the reason why you could grow there, you could actually grow, get a ranch and build, make something of it.  Because they hadnít restriction on all that, whereas the countries theyíd all left, to immigrate to America, they already had lots and lots of restrictions and laws and rules, etc.  And now the US is in exactly the same position.  Youíre breaking the law all the time and you just donít know it.  That was like the old Soviet Union.  Thatís how it was too.  Youíre walking out of the house and youíll break one law or another by crossing the street in the wrong direction, maybe diagonally, who knows, but whatever it was they could get you any time they wanted to, if they wanted you, you see. 


Corruption rules America.  Itís the home of corruption for corporations and monopolies; they copied England Ė at least I should say London Ė and they did it very well.  It says...


Shell game: The house that's home to 2,000 companies

A single address in Cheyenne, Wyo., rivals global business tax havens / 6/28/2011


The building at 2710 Thomes Avenue, is pictured in Cheyenne, Wyoming, in this undated photograph.


At a single address in this sleepy city of 60,000 people, more than 2,000 companies are registered. The building, 2710 Thomes Ave., isn't a shimmering skyscraper filled with A-list corporations. It's a 1,700-square-foot brick house with a manicured lawn, a few blocks from the State Capitol.


Neighbors say they see little activity there besides regular mail deliveries and a woman who steps outside for smoke breaks. Inside, however, the walls of the main room are covered floor to ceiling with numbered mailboxes labeled as corporate "suites." A bulky copy machine sits in the kitchen. In the living room, a woman in a headset answers calls and sorts bushels of mail.  (A:  So itís quite fascinating.)


A Reuters investigation has found the house at 2710 Thomes Ave. serves as a little Cayman Island on the Great Plains. It is the headquarters for Wyoming Corporate Services, a business-incorporation specialist that establishes firms which can be used as "shell" companies, paper entities able to hide assets.  (A:  When it comes to cash the imagination is limitless, itís infinite, isnít it?  Especially if youíre raised in the right families to understand how cash works and the cons of it that is.)


Wyoming Corporate Services will help clients create a company, and more: set up a bank account for it; add a lawyer as a corporate director to invoke attorney-client privilege; even appoint stand-in directors and officers as high as CEO. Among its offerings is a variety of shell known as a "shelf" company, which comes with years of regulatory filings behind it, lending a greater feeling of solidity.


"A corporation is a legal person created by state statute that can be used as a fall guy, a servant, a good friend or a decoy," the company's website boasts. "A person you control... yet cannot be held accountable for its actions. Imagine the possibilities!"  (A:  And thatís true.  They gave them, all these corporations, legal status as an actual corporate body, like a human being.)


Among the entities registered at 2710 Thomes, Reuters found, is a shelf company sheltering real-estate assets controlled by a jailed former prime minister of Ukraine, according to allegations made by a political rival in a federal court in California.  (A:  Iíll put this link up too, at at the end of the night.)


Itís quite interesting how life rolls on, doesnít it?  And it rolls on, by the way, just like Rolls-Royce.  Rolls-Royce, the pride of the upper elite of Britain, who are the only ones who could afford to buy a Rolls-Royce, have just moved their engine plant to Germany instead of the British factory. 


Rolls-Royce to switch engine plant to Germany - instead of British factory / Simon Neville / 8th August 2011


Engine maker Rolls-Royce could build an aircraft testing plant abroad instead of at its British factory. 


The decision to consider moving to Germany or the U.S. could see thousands of vacancies created Ė at a time when jobs for British workers remain a priority.


The company told staff it is looking at the feasibility of constructing an aircraft engine testing plant abroad instead of at its UK base in Derby.


The move is another blow for the manufacturing industry just weeks after 1,400 workers lost their jobs at train maker Bombardier, also in Derby, (A:  Thatís actually based in Canada, the Bombardier company.) after the Government said a £1.4billion contract would go to Siemens in Germany.


Rolls-Royce workers were told the news last week, which created an Ďair of uncertaintyí at the plant. They were told a feasibility study had found Germany and the U.S. to be the best site for a testing plant.  (A:  So there you go.  Weíre international now, you know. Weíre global.  Weíre supposed to cheer about that, apparently.  We should all celebrate globalism.)


And just before I go to callers...


Parents to be given five-a-day checklist on how to raise children

(A:  Amazing in my lifetime how they destroyed, just like Bertrand Russell said they would, they would destroy the ability to even do something as naturally as raise children, and now you need specialists and experts to guide you how to do it.  This is from Scotland.)

Parents will be given a five-a-day checklist detailing how they should bring up their children under a plan which is winning ministerial support. / Tim Ross / 4 Aug 2011


And itís all abuzz with it over there as how theyíre going to TEACH you how to raise the children.  What it is too, is to make sure they get the proper initial indoctrination, into globalism and political correctness and all that kind of stuff, you know.  Stuff that everyone knew at one time, when I was living, everybody knew it.  You didnít have to get taught any of this stuff.  And one last thing too...


Pacific Region Takes Center Stage for MHS Cyberinfrastructure Services / Posted by: Staff / August 4, 2011


(A:  Itís interesting.  See, in the future apparently youíre to have this big, massive military that can be based anywhere.  Technically it will eventually lose its national character and it will be international.  Theyíre already setting these bases up across the world for 100, maybe even for 200 years, to last that long in the future.  It says...)


Military health care providers need to be able to rely on their computer systems, no matter where they care for troops. Service members stationed overseas must receive the same quality of health care as their compatriots at home.


Operating in the Pacific region poses special challenges for the Military Health System Cyberinfrastructure Services directorate. MCiS must ensure that all health care data is transmitted without significant time delays or loss of information, despite the great distances between military treatment facilities and MHS data centers in the Pacific region.  


So theyíre going ahead there and putting up new organizations and new centers, etc, etc, for the future when thereís no more US really to take... maybe the US will be just like the Sci-Fi movies, just people in rags and rubble with these well fed, well protected troops, you know, lording over you.  That seems to be the case.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back and weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Iíll go to Clarence from Pennsylvania if heís still there.  Are you there Clarence?


Clarence:  Hi, itís good to speak to you.  I wanted to ask you a few questions but I just wanted to chime in on I guess what you were talking about before.  Now, the story of being overpopulated, Iím in a city right now.  You know, youíve talked about this before, you can just travel on the highway, anywhere, you could walk, you could walk for literally a lifetime and never reach a city, you know.† Itís amazing to me.  But Iíll ask you quickly, where did you hear originally... I know you have a deep background, and through I guess occult information.  Where did you begin to hear about the hermaphroditic agenda, originally?  I mean you know, as much as you would obviously want to talk about it.


Alan:  Well the symbols are all present if you look into Hinduism and you look into the different statues in Hinduism.  Thatís obviously where even the so-called mystical ones got it for their so-called occultic stuff that broke out in the Middle Ages in Europe, the same kind of imagery youíre seeing there. And also you can go into even older stuff written.  If you read the accompanying literature and even folk tales to do with Judaism, which also copied it from much earlier peoples who had been around, youíll find a lot of traces of it, a lot of clues in there.  And you have to be pretty thick to miss them.


Clarence:  Iíll try and make it quick and Iíll say, you know, the word hermaphrodite, I guess traditionally itís the symbiosis of Hermes and Aphrodite.  I remember I called in last time and I asked a question about Hermes Trismegistus and...


Alan:  Three times great.


Clarence:  Yeah, well Hermes kind of, Iíve always felt spiritually, Hermes is like, you know, a certain being.  Itís like a devil or something.  Itís hard for me to explain, but itís like an ancient, itís an ancient religion, you know, that they have.


Alan:  Well what it is really, underneath it all, the imagery, are three systems actually.  This is the key to it.  For the lower level you always get mixed up with genders and stuck in genders.  It also means three systems fused into one for control purposes and thatís what the higher ones are taught.  Itís three systems of governance and thatís really what theyíre all about.  Underneath all mysticism youíll find itís to do with control and domination, and to get willing work out of those that you dominate.  Give them a religion, give them whatever, and then manipulate them, control them.


Clarence:  Oh, thereís actually a symbol in, Iím not sure if itís China or Japan, eastern symbolism.  Itís actually, itís like a mask, itís like a face with three different masks.† I forgot the name of it but for whatever reason this idea, you know, this spiritual idea, itís been all around the world.


Alan:  Itís been all around the world.  I personally think that even in the Stone Age there was a world religion you might say because we find the same kind of buildings, stone age buildings across the entire planet, so they had to have communication, travel of some kind, and a priesthood who regulated it too.  You cannot look at the megaliths in Peru and then go across to parts of Europe and see the same type of structures built, and the Far East as well, with the same supporting structures and techniques to keep them from falling down, to keep them in place.  Theyíre all identical.  That cannot be just wiped away.  So there was definitely a lot of travel in very ancient times.   Thanks for calling.


And for Larry from Louisiana please call maybe tomorrow.  From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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