November 3rd, 2011 (#955)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov 3rd, 2011:

Globalism, The Quiet War:

"Pity the U.S., Master-Planned to Go Down
By Politicos Signing WTO with Never an Unsure Frown,
Multi-Thousands of Factory Workers Tossed to the Side,
Worsening with GATT Treaty, Old and New Collide,
Public Kept in the Dark, Of All the Scheming Made
By Perfidious Politicians Who've Never Worked a Spade,
In League with "Associations" Pushing All Things Global,
Working for the Big Shots, Pretending to Be Noble,
But the Working Classes with Jobs, One, Two, Three,
Are Rushing to Survive, No Let-Up Do They See,
Globalists, Pain-Free, Push Complete De-Industrialization,
High in Office Towers, They Destroy a Once Great Nation"
© Alan Watt Nov 3rd, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – Nov 3rd, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on November the 3rd 2011.  For newcomers, I suggest you make use of the website,  You’ll find hundreds and hundreds of audios for download, for free.  And hopefully you’ll understand the system that runs the world, the system that plans the future, planned your parents’ future and your grandparents’ future.  And they have the next hundred years or more planned as well.  They don’t let things happen by chance in the big system up top.  You’ve got hundreds of think tanks working, actually thousands of them, across the world, thinking on specific problems that may arise.  That’s to make sure that the elite that run the world, and pretty well own it all, will continue to own it all from their offspring and so on, down through the future. 


So, help yourself to that.  And remember too, that I don’t bring on advertisers as guests.  And therefore, it’s up to you, if you want, to support me by buying the books and discs I have for sale at  And remember from the US to Canada, you can still use a personal check, or an international postal money order, the same price as a regular postal money order at your post office.  You can send cash.  And you can also use PayPal.  You’ll find out how to do it on website.  And remember too that straight donations are really welcome too, by whichever means you want to send it.  Across the world, you’ve got Western Union, Money Gram, and again, PayPal.  And again, straight donations are awfully, awfully welcome, because things are pretty slow right now.


And I try to tie the system up, as we’re going through it, the big changes, the planned changes.  I read about the changes when I was small, because I was a really nosy little character that would go into adult library books, and scan these big books, that global players in their memoirs were talking about, the coming planned changes of society, the world government that was talked about then, even, and the changes they’d have to bring on society to make it or enable it all to happen.  Everything is like déjà vu, when you grow up knowing this stuff, because you know what’s coming and what’s coming after the things that come, and they’re right on track with it.  It’s a technique, you see.  We’re so well understood as people that nothing is a surprise to those at the top whatsoever.  They’ve got countless amounts of cash to throw at studies on us.  We’re the most studied species on the whole planet, and have been for thousands of years.  And that’s the only thing you have to really understand, is how man works, and you can easily manipulate societies from then on, forever basically. 


And I try to chronicle, as I say, the changes, and also to tell you why they’re happening, and the organizations involved in making things happen, and the main speakers that come out to introduce some big new change in society.  I try to point out the agencies that already work for the associations, like the Council on Foreign Relations is one of the big ones.  And generally they are members of that.  So, you’ll find out that nothing comes out by chance.  Everything is planned.  All the major announcements on the news are planned, all the events are planned and that’s the planned world you’re living though, literally.  And all you have to do is learn to adapt into the changes and go along with them.  And be good, meaning you don’t cause a stir anywhere.  And your masters are very happy.  So, I try and fill in the blanks that the media leave out, because the big organizations and the rich men of the world are the ones who make sure that you have what’s called an authorized media.  They’ve always owned it.  And they tell you bits of stories, and omit all the rest.  And by omission, of course, you’ll come to the conclusion that they desire you to come to.  You can’t help it.  They lay out the track to follow, for your logic to follow, and you will.  You’ll follow it up, right to the end, to the officially approved conclusion.  And then you’ll hold that as a belief.  You’ll even argue with it, with other people, and you’ll defend stuff that you’ve only been given partial knowledge of.  That’s the oldest trick in the book.  Now, I’ll be back with tonight’s stories after these messages.


Hi folks, I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And it’s interesting how, when you go back, just a little ways in history, not too long ago, when big agreements were signed with every country in the world, all your presidents, prime ministers, across the world, into the World Trade Organization, this strange star chamber, it is, actually, that decides who gets to trade and who doesn’t get to trade with other countries under free trade rules.  And, of course, they came out with the GATT Treaty, the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs, to do with, once they sign on to the Free Trade.  And what it really is, is the First World Countries, it’s the First World Countries that must allow unlimited access to Free Trade, without tariffs into their country for their imports.  But it doesn’t go the other way for the Third World Countries.  And some of them are a farce, even calling them Third World today, because they’re better off than the First World Countries.   But they’re still classed as Third World Countries.  And they can still put tariffs on, when you try to export stuff to them.  So, it’s a one-way street, really. 


And the guys who set it up knew darn well, because, again, they have big think tanks, and there’s nothing, it’s like a chess board.  They always work out every move, before they even start the game.  They know what’s going to happen.  They know that factories are going to flood out of the countries.  In fact, governments encouraged them all to up and move to China.  In fact, they use the taxpayers’ money under that agreement to do so.  In fact, we fund them for the next ten to fifteen years, if they claim that the move has actually made them lose any profit at all.  So, it’s a great deal.  And yet, so little of this was explained to the public at the time.  Practically nothing was explained to them at the time.  And that’s the way they like it, you see, at the top, so that maybe one day a few people here and there, not too many, will notice that everything is made in China, the stuff you’re buying in the stores.  Because they didn’t tell you that that was the whole plan of everything.  And eventually nothing is made in your own countries, which obviously meant, obviously meant that the factory population that used to be in your own countries, would be totally unemployed.  Of course they knew all that. 


They knew they were going to plan recessions down the road.  They knew everything that was coming.  They’ve been building up private armies for twenty years or more, inside your own countries to deal with the fallout that’s going to happen around now, you see, as we go down the hill.  All planned, by the guys that you vote into power.  And you never learn.  You never learn.  This article here is about America.  It’s from the Mail Online.


America's economic troubles are continuing to bite with almost 15% of the US population now on food stamps, it emerged today.


The ranks of the poor applying for food stamps increased by a worrying 8.1 per cent over the past year to make a total of 45.8 million. (Alan: People.)


Assuming about 190 million Americans of working age, that means more than one in four of working age are now tapping food stamps.


One in five residents in Tennessee, Oregon, New Mexico and Louisiana also depended on the hand outs - formally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).


Officials fear the numbers may swell even more in the coming months as people battle financial hardship and record unemployment.


But one reason for the rising number of recipients was that many states have waived requirements limiting the assets food stamp applicants could own, said the Wall Street Journal.


The number of food stamp users exploded after the recession hit in late 2007 and has continued growing even though the downturn is officially supposed to be over.

Researchers from the Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire estimated that the percentage of Americans receiving food stamps increased by 61.2 per cent  between 2007 and 2010.


Reliance on the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Programme was very high among single parents, rising ten per cent.


In 2010, 42 per cent of single mothers and 25 per cent of single fathers relied on the stamps. In rural areas it was ever higher at one in two single mothers.


States also made changes to make it easier for residents to tap into the program, such as waiving requirements that limited the value of assets food stamp recipients could own.


Meanwhile, a second set of figures revealed today that 1 in 15 people in America is now living in poverty.


Officially, that is.  They actually have official guidelines to see if you’re poor, eh.  So, 1 in 15 in America is now living in poverty.  And it’s a shocking number, a record high, and it’s spread widely across metropolitan areas.  So, that’s the new deal, you know.  That’s the new deal they were talking about.  And of course international trade was going to save us all, and make us so happy and rich and wealthy and all the rest of the rubbish that they feed to the general public, when they know darn well exactly what it’s going to cause.  This is no surprise to anybody at the top, whatsoever. 


And then we find too that Smart Meters, Smart Meters is an amazing thing you know, because these gizmos and gadgets were worked on for years before the public heard of them.  And the whole idea was to make a Smart Grid, that’s one part of it all, a Smart Grid for the coming electric shortages, because, you see, they’re cutting back on power plants, etc.  And they knew that too, long before they signed all the deals to shut down all the coal plants as well.  They were not going to replace them in other words.  And even years ago, back in the 80s and 90s, they were showing over in Europe, rolling brownouts and how it would affect them, and how you could look up charts to see when your city was going to get its scheduled brownouts for the week, at what times, and so on.  And this is what’s going to come to America as well.  And these things not only can do that, cut different areas off, they can actually cut you off personally if they claim that you are using too much electricity.  So there will be penalties for going over a certain amount.  You can get warnings.  We’ve had it in the papers in Canada, in fact, when they first talked about it.  You’ll get warnings, and then they’ll simply cut you off, if you go over your quota.  Rationing, in other words.  And it will depend, of course, on how necessary it is for you to have that power, because of your social status.  Are you working in local government, etc, etc.  Well you need that all the time, you need power on all the time.  But if you’re just an ordinary Joe, then you can do without a few hours, every second or third night, something like that. 


So, anyway, it also can pick up on all the different items used in your home.  It’s a spy in your home, actually.  Because everything now has chips in them that interacts with the Smart Meter, and it sends all this data back by three different ways.  One is through the broadband, which basically is traveling back up the electric wires that it comes from.  It also has an FM radio in it, built into it, and it also has a microwave built into it as well.  And the microwave has been giving folk a lot of headaches and odd symptoms.  You get the oddest symptoms with microwave radiation, the same stuff you’re using in wireless.  You get headaches.  You can get pains in different parts of your body, that can move around over the hours into different other parts of your body, and nausea, rashes as well.  And sometimes even disorientation in people.  So, we’re not meant, you see, to be bombarded with something that shouldn’t exist in nature at that frequency and that power level.  Anyway, your masters have thought better.  And this is the agenda, and so they’re going ahead with it.  And by the way, the Smart Grid itself is to go around the whole world.  And eventually, you’ll have one power company owning the power of the planet.  I’m not kidding about that.  They’ve actually put maps out on it, the Power Grid for the planet.  Now, it says:


Just as PG&E enters the final phase of its deployment of wireless “smart” meters in California, the largest of the state’s Investor Owned Utilities (IOU’s) has reversed course, quietly beginning to replace the ‘smart’ meters of those reporting health impacts with the old trusty analog version.  Consumer rights and health groups immediately seized on the news, demanding that millions of Californians unhappy with their new wireless meters get their analogs returned immediately at no cost.


‘Smart’ meters are new wireless utility meters being installed as part of the “smart” grid initiative, spearheaded by technology firms and backed by the Obama administration and the Department of Energy. 


(A: Well, every country, you see, it’s a big initiative, a global initiative.  So, they have get Obama’s name stuck in there.  It doesn’t matter what puppet they’ve got in.)


Promises ranging from lower utility bills


(A: Which is rubbish, by the way.  Because, what they do with the Smart Grid too, if you’re one house amongst twenty, they can pick your house, and they can run all the data through your meter, and you are paying for the electricity they’re using during that time, to do all this analysis for them.  You’ll actually hear the meters hum, really loudly, when yours is being used for that.  And you pay for that too.  So:)


Promises ranging from lower utility bills to enhanced renewable generation capacity have failed to materialize, with widespread reports of higher bills, privacy violations, fires and explosions, and commonly reported health impacts such as headaches, nausea, tinnitus, (A: That’s ringing in the ears.) and heart problems associated with powerful wireless transmissions.   Widely disparate political groups- from members of the Green Party to the Tea Party and Occupy protesters have attacked the program, and dozens of grassroots organizations have sprouted up over the past several months to fight what they call an undemocratic, unconstitutional and dangerous assault on people in their own homes and neighborhoods.  Dozens of people have been detained or arrested for peaceful civil disobedience and even simply speaking out against deployments.


In California, more than 47 cities and counties have demanded a halt to installation, and a dozen local governments have passed laws prohibiting the controversial technology. [2] The ‘smart’ meter issue has further angered a public already seething at the utilities over repeated gas explosions, safety breaches at nuclear reactors, and an increasingly extortionate rate structure.  Word of California’s ‘smart’ meter nightmare has spread across the country and around the world, prompting some utilities to place smart meter plans on hold, and recently Nevada’s PUC to call for investigations into the health effects and other smart meter problems.


So, at least they’re starting somewhere.  And everyone has to keep up the pressure to have these spies in your home removed.  Because that’s all they are, spies, and they have the ability to just cut you off, as they nosey around and see what you’re using.  Should you use that?  They actually send you little notes, by the way, in your bills, if you’ve been a good boy or a bad boy, depending on your usage, you see.  And don’t you resent getting treated like a child?  Huh?  I mean, since when are utility companies supposed to be involved in psychological operations like this?  They’re training you like a little animal, by little gold stars, or little red ones.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt.  We’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And over the years, I’ve mentioned the agreements between Canada and the US, and Mexico as well.  Not just free trade, but also to do with security, and also to do with so-called emergency management and cooperation.  Of course, the whole idea is to unite the whole continent eventually in every sphere, in every sector.  Here’s an article out now to do with security.  It says:


Officials in the Great Lakes region hope to finalize an emergency management agreement with Canadian provinces by the end of this year, thereby enabling first responders from each country to respond to disasters on either side of the border if requested,


(A: Now, that also means social unrest, folks, because that’s in their treaty from the last time I read it.)


representatives of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) told a congressional field hearing Friday.


In the coming weeks, DHS hopes to see ratification of an international emergency management assistance compact by the Canadian government, said Andrew Velasquez, administrator of Region V of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Recently, emergency management associations from both countries as well as federal, state and local officials have reviewed the language of the agreement under the Central Regional Emergency Management Advisory Committee (CREMAC),


(A: I guess they cremate you after the disasters.)


consisting of some US Northern states and the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec.


FEMA helped establish CREMAC in the mid-1990s,


(A: Interesting, eh?  Before 9/11.  Mind you, Canada put through an omnibus crime bill, it was actually a terrorist bill in about ’98.  Just in case, you know.  They have good crystal balls there.)


Velasquez told a hearing of the House Homeland Security emergency preparedness subcommittee in Detroit, Mich. It stands alongside three other geographic advisory councils -- the Eastern Regional (EREMAC), Prairie Regional (PREMAC) and Western Regional Emergency Management Advisory Committees (WREMAC).


FEMA Region V hosted a meeting of participants in CREMAC and PREMAC on Oct. 26, largely hammering out a consensus between US and Canadian agencies, Velasquez said.


Once ratified by the Canada, the CREMAC would enable first responders in the states in FEMA Regions II, III, and V, including Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, and the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec to respond to emergency calls from either side of the border, Velasquez said. In so doing, both countries would pool their resources and manpower to deal with any terrorist attack or natural disaster in their shared area along the US Northern border.


The Central Regional Emergency Management Advisory Agreement and a companion Prairie Regional Emergency Management Advisory Agreement, as the assistance compacts are formally known, also would permit shared planning and exercises between US and Canadian jurisdictions to improve their preparedness, response and recovery activities. Under the agreements, one member state or province could send people or equipment to any other participating state or province.


(A: So, military and the whole lot can get interchanged, and go back and forth.)


The agreements are modeled after an existing international emergency management assistance compact already agreed upon by states and provinces in the EREMAC. Five eastern Canadian provinces and six US states participate in the agreement, which received ratification both from the US Congress and the Canadian parliament around 1996. In 1998, WREMAC jurisdictions likewise set up the Pacific Northwest Emergency Management Agreement to enable international assistance in border area disasters between three Western US states and two Canadian provinces.


So, anyway, the Coast Guard is involved, everybody is involved, and it’s basically the pooling of resources as they say, which is just the joining of all the special teams and military etc, that would deal with any problems whatsoever of any kind whatsoever.  But it’s ongoing.  And every agreement, of course, binds them closer together, and loosens any problems up, so they can get through much faster to deal with.  And the social unrest is high on the priority, by the way, under the other documentation.


Now, I’ve mentioned Richard Muller being accused of hiding the decline of the so-called global warming, but I’ll put this link up again.  It’s:


Berkley warmist Richard Muller is accused of hiding the decline by a team member.  It was hailed as the scientific study that ended the global warming debate once and for all.  The research that in the words of it’s director, there should not be skeptic, at least not any longer.


Professor Richard Muller, of Berkeley University in California, and his colleagues from the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperatures project team (BEST) claimed to have shown that the planet has warmed by almost a degree centigrade since 1950 and is warming continually.


Published last week ahead of a major United Nations climate summit in Durban,


(A: They always throw these fake figures out, just before.  And they actually admit that too.  I’ve read the articles where they admit they do this every year.)


South Africa, next month, their work was cited around the world as irrefutable evidence that only the most stringent measures to reduce carbon dioxide emissions can save civilisation as we know it.


But today The Mail on Sunday can reveal that a leading member of Prof Muller’s team has accused him of trying to mislead the public by hiding the fact that BEST’s research shows global warming has stopped.


Prof Judith Curry, who chairs the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at America’s prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology, said that Prof Muller’s claim that he has proven global warming sceptics wrong was also a ‘huge mistake’, with no scientific basis.


Prof Curry is a distinguished climate researcher with more than 30 years experience and the second named co-author of the BEST project’s four research papers.


Her comments, in an exclusive interview with The Mail on Sunday, seem certain to ignite a furious academic row. She said this affair had to be compared to the notorious ‘Climategate’ scandal two years ago.


Like the scientists exposed then by leaked emails from East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit, her college from the BEST project tried to hid the decline in the rates of global warming.


We’re actually cooling.  So, I’ll put this article up as well, because we’ve got to always remember the games going on.  Some people understand that and then forget it again.  Amazing, eh?  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just before I take callers, after reading that article too, about one in fifteen in poverty in the US, and so many on food stamps and so on, then you go back to the big mortgage companies.  And it says:


Mortgage finance giant Freddie Mac (FMCC.OB) said on Thursday it will seek an additional $6 billion from U.S. taxpayers following its worst quarterly loss this year.


The government-owned company reported a comprehensive loss in the third quarter of $4.4 billion, it said in a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. That compared with a $2.5 billion loss for the same three-month period in the previous year.


Despite income of $4.6 billion, the company registered a net worth deficit of $6.0 billion, which was partly attributed to a $1.6 billion quarterly dividend payment to the Treasury.


(A:  So, in other words, they want to be exempt from that.)


"The weak labor market and fragile economy continue to weigh heavily on the single-family market, causing many potential buyers to sit on the sidelines or opt to rent despite high affordability and record low mortgage rates," Chief Executive Officer Charles E. Haldeman said in a statement.


Freddie Mac has now drawn $72.2 billion from the government


(A: Not bad eh?) 


since it was taken over at the height of the financial crisis in September 2008. The government seized both Freddie Mac and larger rival company Fannie Mae (FNMA.OB) as mortgage losses at the two firms piled up and threatened them with insolvency.


Freddie Mac has now returned $14.9 billion of the money it has drawn from Treasury in the form of dividend payments.


"Looking ahead, we expect the tepid recovery to continue to put downward pressure on house prices into early next year," Haldeman said.


So, it’s just amazing, eh.  You should get a job in government, and get into one of these companies, you know, and you just can fail, can you?  You’ll still get your billion dollar pay raises and your little bonuses at the end of the year.  Astonishing, but not really astonishing, because you see we live in a corrupt system, and it’s really always been this way.  In the past they were better at hiding things and covering things up, you see.  And now of course, there’s some things that leak out in the papers once in a while, when they can’t keep the magic going anymore. 


Now, we’ll go to the callers, and there’s Karen from New York on the line.  Are you there, Karen?


Karen: Hello?


Alan: Hello.


Karen: Hi, how are you doing?


Alan: Not too bad at all.


Karen: Um, this is a little off topic.  I was wondering if we could talk about culture creation?  I was thinking about, you know, the late 18th, early 19th century, you had a lot of archeological expeditions, and you had Freemasons, Sir James Frazer with The Golden Bough, or Yeats with the Golden Dawn society, collecting all the folklore of Ireland, or, you know, different areas, and how it seems like they collected this, and analyzed it.  And pop culture has sort of reshaped it, like took all the foundation myths, and rewritten them to kind of make a standard product that they sold the public.


Alan: Yeah, well, they did.


Karen: Can you talk about that a little bit?


Alan: Well, we know that Yeats belonged to societies that were meant, their whole function was to try and revive what they thought was the old mythical cultures of places like Ireland, countries like Ireland and so on, and others.  And they brought forth the fairy lore, the old fairy folklore, up to a higher standard too. This was an era, remember, when, and in this system which isn’t a random system, as we go across the world conquering it, taking it over by empires and falling and then rising, etc, with other empires, as the wealthy elite keep moving around.  They’d pretty well reached a period at that time of the highest level of empire.  I mean, Britain ruled the waves.  It was all across the planet, right through India, all the way to Afghanistan, in fact, the borders of Afghanistan.  And all throughout Africa.  They’d been in Africa for a long time.  And they’d also subdued the cultures that they didn’t like too much.  The ones that rebelled against them, like the Scots, and they were still trying to subdue the Irish.  And you find that they were severe on the countries that really rebelled against them, very severe.  They deported really millions of people from Ireland and Scotland.


Karen: Can I interject for a second?  I’m sorry.


Alan: Yes.


Karen: What’s interesting to me, is like, say everyone is interested in Tolkien, and he was a specialist in medieval literature, a professor at Oxford.  And you know, in his works, he took all these elements that were traditionally maybe Norwegian or English or British or Celtic and rewrote them.  And they’ve become like part of our myths now. 


Alan: That’s right.


Karen: Essentially, obliterated the old Beowulf, or what people formerly would have referred to, you know, as who they are.


Alan: Sure.  The thing was, you see, first of all, they tried, and it was during the times of Walter Scott too, and others, they tried to revive some of the cultures they’d destroyed.  And that was the whole point of Ireland, Scotland, and different countries.  And they came out with books about the noble savage.  They were doing the same thing in the late 1800s after vanquishing most of the American Indians.  They had books out on the noble savage and they had pictures of these wonderful, strong-looking guys with a chief’s headdress on.  So, they tried.  So, they’d gone both ways.  First you demonize your enemy, you massacre him.  And then, you make him noble, you see.  Because, you know in the process you’ve lost something in yourself and the past that can connect you to everything in the doing, so you come up with the noble stuff. 


But then, Tolkien belonged to some agencies and societies too.  And what he was giving you, and so was Yeats, by the way, in some of his writings, was the occultic message of the occultic Masonry, throughout their writings.  And everyone will miss that.  Most folk will miss that, even to do with some of the stories to do with the planets, you know.  Actually they were planets, not people, some of them.  And if you figure it out, you’ll figure out these are the actual planets they’re giving you.  It’s occultic Cabbalism.  And it was the same thing too.  Tolkien also was absolutely, he was obsessional about the pronunciation of the language that he was involved in creating for his books and series.  And he even had arguments with Yeats over it.  If Yeats, you know, just slovenly mentioned a word, he would blow up, literally blow up.  And Tolkien spent his whole life at the university there.  He lived on the grounds and pretty well never left it, whereas Yeats went off and had his own societies outside there in the Masonic fields.


Karen: It’s interesting, Tolkien, he was an orphan, right?  I believe.  And I mean, you find these certain characters, like Samuel Taylor Coleridge, that was an orphan as well, and you know, these certain people that they bring in, you know, who I guess are the more talented or educated, and then kind of use them that way.  Can I ask one more thing?


Alan: Yeah.


Karen: Um, this is sort of in reference to another network I was listening to today.  I think it’s interesting, how like these fictions have, you know, become myths themselves, and you know, have actually, you know, are part of people’s reality today.  Like you see all this spacecraft and reptoid, and all this nonsense.  And you know, this stuff was originally part of the pulps in the 1920s, and then in the 1930s, you have Julie Schwartz and Stan Lee and a couple of characters who run the comic books.  And you know, you look at a comic book, and it’s sort of like hieroglyphs.  You know, this is why people will pay a million dollars for a comic book, the image and the word are melded together, and it sticks in the mind.  They created like a whole new set of gods.


Alan: Well, actually, you’re quite right in that, maybe more right than you realize, because I mean, even the guys in Canada, who came up with the idea of Superman.  It was at the same time as George Bernard Shaw and the Fabian Society, eugenics and the demanding to kill off all of the inadequate and the inferior and the poor.  And they came up with the idea of Superman.  And, of course, he wrote a book on it, about Superman, Shaw that is.  And then they came out with the comic books, and you see these guys with the oversized muscles, etc, all as part of that whole genre at the same time.  These were all meant to complement each other at the same time, because to change culture, you must have different areas of culture, all working together on a project at the same time.  So you get it in psychological departments, sociological departments, and even through the comic industry and the early movies, you know.


Karen: Yeah, the guy that did Wonder Woman, I believe he was a professor of like sociology or something like that.  I can’t remember exactly.


Alan: Well, yeah, they were talking literally about altering mankind, before they were right into genetics, of course.  They were into creating, that if man can evolve.  That’s the theory, of course, your evolution.  If you can evolve, then you can force evolution on the right kind of people and come up with a super-species of humanity.  And that was an old elitist idea that was still on the go, still is, and we can see it today.


Karen: Interesting, it’s three generations now.


Alan: Absolutely.  It does become your culture, as you say.  And it affects, it influences so much on how you see the world, your interactions with people.  Even the old Star Wars series affected a whole generation there, and never mind the Star Trek series, but the Star Wars certainly did too.  And the little stories between fictional characters and even fictional monsters actually become very real to them, and how they’ll work out their own problems and interactions with others around them.  They actually take it from these fictional things that are presented to them when they’re young.


Karen: It’s interesting you mentioned Star Trek.  You sometimes mention MAD Magazine, and that was originally from EC Comics, Entertaining Comics.  They had run a series called Weird Tales and Tales from the Crypt and all that kind of stuff.  And they used to have mass burnings of the comic books in the fifties, the Christian associations.  And, you know, at the time, you know, maybe they were right.  But, it’s interesting, the daughter of one of the artists, her husband was a ghost writer for Star Trek, and he had been formerly CIA.  I’d talked to the guy.  And he had written, you know, well, you know Roddenberry, and he had done some other stories for like Babylon 5 and series like that.  And I think it’s interesting how, like you know, these agencies, are really very much involved in shaping.


Alan: Well, don’t forget, Roddenberry, the red berry.  The red berry of May.  It’s very important.  Roddenberry, and the Gene of Roddenberry is a gene, you know.  Don’t forget that he admitted many times that the series was meant to influence society into a global society and in a kind of organized, a new organized structure of society.  It’s the same society I’ve been talking about forever.  They’re still at it today.  He also was a member of NASA.  And he was allowed into the top meetings of NASA planning.  And so, he tied a lot of the ideas of NASA in with his stories, and he was getting the help from top psychologists, sociologists, etc, because every scene, every story on Star Trek was to do with multiculturalism, actually.  It was nothing to do, in another sense, with the stories in space.  Space was a handy scenario for it, a setting.  And he was using them for multiculturalism, and how to accept other odd aliens, you know, behaviors etc, that kind of stuff, tolerance and all of that.  So, that was all part of this change in society towards the global system that they were working towards, which was going to again be a Fabian type society.  It was all occultic, by the way, because I remember some of them, the members of the staff talking about the signals they used.  Like Spock would put his hand up, and he’d have his fingers open, you know, like the V shape.  And that’s actually a Jewish blessing.  So, a lot was taken from Judaism.  And even the saying was taken from the Talmud, the few must perish for the sake of the many, that was used many times in that series.  So, there’s a lot of Jewish Talmud and Cabala involved in the Star Trek series.  And the badge itself, when you first see it, it’s a delta shape, for the first generation, the first series.  And then the second one, it’s like a witch’s hat.  It’s the same delta, or an obelisk, with the hat or the circle at the bottom.  That’s also George Washington’s, you know, massive boasting ornament there.  And the oval at the bottom.  But then, the oval on the third series comes up, and it’s a five-pointed star, you see.  The Masonic five-pointed star, if you really look at it closely.  So, everything there was well geared.  Lots of money went into that, lots of work.  And it did change the thinking and the behavior of millions of youngsters.  And they grew up with that, just fascinated with it.  And a lot of it was enjoyable. 


Karen: Yeah.  Thank you for everything.  You’re wonderful, and honest.  And it’s good to hear you on.


Alan: Well, call again, and we’ll go into more of it.  Thanks for calling.


Karen: Thank you.


Alan: And there’s Mike from Chicago there.  Are you there, Mike?


Mike: Hello, Alan.


Alan: Hello.


Mike: How are you doing, Alan?


Alan: Oh, I’m not too bad today.


Mike: I’d like to add, to what you were saying about when they raise the two hands in the air.  Don’t they channel energy by doing that?


Alan: Some of them will say so.  But the original sign that Spock made, it was meant to be more horizontal, and not so much up, but horizontal, as you do a blessing, over a baby, especially, or a youngster, from an elder.


Mike: Well, this is kind of off topic, but I have a question about Genesis.  About the Garden of Eden, and when God, when he made the trees, he made actually two trees.  He made the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life.  And I understand the Tree of Life, like has the Sion.  Like, when you see it, if you were to draw it on a piece of paper, it’s like a geometrical structure.  And, like what’s that all about, and can you also explain the Tree of Knowledge?


Alan: Well, again, the Tree of Knowledge, technically, and there’s many levels of this.  I mean, there’s many, many levels of it, if you were to go into Cabalism.  Really, the Tree of Knowledge, on its basic form, very basic form, it’s symbolic of something which comes into you, which alters you, and so that you lose naivety and innocence.  That’s what it means.  To know good and evil.  To understand.  To feel good and evil and understand it.  And the previous imagery of Adam and Eve were of very naïve, happy, irresponsible in a sense, perfectly innocent young people, that didn’t know evil, because they had never committed any evil, and no one had said what evil was, even.  They wouldn’t know it themselves if they were doing it.  And so, in other words, something happened to give them, to destroy the innocence, and to know that they’d done something terribly wrong.  It’s almost like they got a jolt of energy or a higher IQ suddenly hit them, or something, and they realized that there’s good and evil, and they had just committed an evil act, in fact.  There’s many levels to this whole tree and the number of fruit.  And everything is in tens and so on.


Mike: Yeah, there’s like ten, what’s it called.  I forgot what they’re called, but there’s like ten, like when you see the diagram, there’s like ten circles, and it’s all connected


Alan: That’s right.  And it goes on and on.  And there’s the whole.  You could go on about it for hours.  It’s quite easy to talk about for hours, just in a lecture, but in its basic form, as I say, it’s innocence.  So, first comes good and evil.  And then comes the tree for eternal, everybody who is conscious, in other words, would then seek out eternity, if they could.  Hold on, and we’ll go into that when I come back from this break.


Hi folks, we’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking to Mike from Chicago about the idea of Eden and the idea of the Trees of Knowledge, basically, and the Tree of Life.  And that was the whole thing with the Tree of Life, as I say, was that if they got that, then the god or gods, you know, because often it was plural then, said that they’ll be like us.  And so, of course, they had to drive them out of the garden as an idea.  So, you’ve got all this debate, it still goes on today, about who the Elohim were, the gods and immortality, etc.  And it leaves the imagination ripe to go into outer space with it.  Are you still there, Mike? 


Mike: Yes.  I also have another question.  Okay, I remember, I think a caller, maybe about a few weeks ago, was talking about red-haired people, how some of the pharaohs, the Sumerian kings, would wear black wigs.  You know, when they dug them up, they had red hair.  Where did these people come from, and what is it about, I guess, I mean, I hate generalizing about certain groups of people, but, I mean, what is it about their disposition, I guess, that the red-haired people are.


Alan: Well, what we’ve found, even in the digs that they had in the Sumerian regions, the old areas of Sumer, they’ve also dug up, there was one that was under a modern garbage dump that they actually dug up the grave site of kings and queens, and from Sumer.  And they have some of the best jewelry, in fact, that they’ve ever recovered from the headdresses and so on, that’s all been taken from there, and they’re in museums.  You can look them up on the internet, but they found that they also had red wigs there.  So, we have this odd thing with a red-haired people, light eyes, light skin, ruling over a brown-haired, brown-eyed people, darker skin, there.  And then we found later, the same thing in some of the dynasties in Egypt, for a while.  There was no doubt about it, because they have the little effigies in the tombs, and they would also have some of their top nobility related to them in the tombs as well with blue or green eyes, and a lightish hair.  And they also did wear the wigs.  In fact, one female who became the pharaoh, when she appeared like the pharaoh, she had to act like the man.  She actually had wore a beard as well, because all the kings wore beards, artificial beards.  And they’ve found the beards as well.  So, I’ve never understood why they just didn’t have their ordinary hair, and there had to be a reason that they’d have to camouflage themselves from the people they were ruling over. 


We find the same thing with the Khazars, the royal Khazars, in around the Black Sea area.  Very famous books have been put out on the Khazars.  And we find in the middle, the royal ones, who were in charge of all these different bands of darker-haired people, even Moslems, and they all converted to Judaism eventually.  But they found that the royal Khazars were blue-eyed or green-eyed and blond.  And what happened to them, we don’t know, unless they moved on and became the royalty of other countries, which is possible.  So, there’s always this strange thread down through history that doesn’t tie together quite.  Are there people coming down through history, from the same lineages?  We don’t know.  It’s a fascinating topic, certainly.  Again, imagination can go rampant, but we have no answers to it.  And then you have the red-haired mummies of China, that they dug up.  It really upset the Chinese, because they thought they’d always been there themselves, that they were the first ones there.  But they found these red-haired Chinese mummies, mummies from China I should say.  Thanks for calling.  And I better go, that’s the music coming in.  Remember too, read the letters between C.S. Lewis and Tolkien.  They’re fascinating if you want to get more in that area.  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario Canada, it’s good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.  Remember, buy the books and buy the discs and donate, and hopefully I can keep going on for a little while longer.



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