November 17th, 2011 (#965)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov 17th, 2011:

Technocracy for Idiocracy:

"I've Mentioned Before, We're Post-Democratic,
We're Officially in the Age Called Technocratic
Which Bankers said Would Eventually Come,
When Industrial Societies were Over and Done,
Experts Would Be Appointed Instead of Elected,
In an Idiocracy It Would Go Undetected,
Even Though if You've Noticed They've Come Far,
Areas of Rulership Have an Appointed CZAR,
Familiarize the Herd, Without Ever Explaining,
Bypass Parents While the Young You're Training,
They'll Grow Up with Technocracy, Natural, Formal,
Rulership by Technocrats, All Being New Normal"
© Alan Watt Nov 17th, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė Nov 17th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments
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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on November 17th, 2011.  For newcomers, always help yourself, right off the bat, go into  Thereís lots of free audios for download.  And hopefully, youíll understand this big system youíve been born into, that really is very, very deceptive, because youíre conditioned from birth to believe that everything the media tells you is real, and that everything youíre taught in school too is real as well, and youíll think it is, because everyone around you will think it is too, including your parents.  And thatís how this simple trick of creating this big system works.  Everyone believes in the same system.  They think itís theirs for some reason.  Even though theyíve never had any evidence that the system exists to serve them at all.  And in fact, they keep voting in so-called public servants who make an awful lot of money from them.  And they never ever figure out the scam.  Itís rather strange, to be honest with you.  But thatís how it works, very simple.  And everything around you, all the media, is all in on the big act as well, because those who designed this system, at least this part of this system or the last couple of centuries of it, wrote about it long ago, on how they would bring it about and make the people believe they had something called democracy.  And even then with democracy, it was only going to last for a certain amount of time, before the next part of the system would come in.  And itís in now, in fact.  Itís been in for some time.  And of course, itís a global empire for the new feudal overlords, as Carroll Quigley called them, and weíre seeing them getting placed in position now; theyíre called technocrats. 


Now, all the sites you see listed on are the official sites.  Anything outside of that isnít mine.  And youíll find that they all carry transcripts of the talks as well, in English.  And if you go into youíll find transcripts in other languages to choose from.  And remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you.  I donít make a big fuss and toot my own horn at all about what I do here, but I do always mention that I need your support, because I donít take on advertisers or people that sell you things or terrify you, then sell you stuff.  Thatís just the way it is, in this present day that we live in.  Thereís lots of crisis around.  And I understand why people are always buying things to save themselves.  It never dawns on them that the New World Order, once it really gets going, wouldnít allow them to live where they are with all those tons and tons of stuff theyíve bought.  But thatís just the way it is, as I say.  So, you can support me by buying the books and discs I have at  And, from the US to Canada, remember, personal checks are fine.  You can also use international postal money orders, or you can use PayPal, or just send cash.  Some people just send cash.  Across the world, Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal, once again.  And, straight donations are really, awfully, awfully welcome. 


As we all know, whatever cash you have in your countries is really going down the hill.  And things are probably double what they were just only two or three years ago.  At least up here in Canada it is, anyway.  And thatís just the way it is, because constant inflation is all part of this built-in system of conology.  Thatís what I call it, conology.  And as I say, if youíve studied the books by the big players, and they have written lots of books over the last couple of hundred years of to where theyíre taking the whole planet, youíll find out how easy it is really to work incrementally.  If you own the money supply, then you own the governments, then you own the educational system, very important to own that, because all propaganda subsequently depends upon the initial indoctrination from school.  And if itís done properly, youíll believe pretty well anything.  Most folk do.  Most folk truly do.  And youíll find out that, as I say, a span of democracy, followed by this new system.  And Marx talked about it.  Engels, in fact was a technocrat.  He believed in it.  And so, it was a very old theory of how theyíd rule the world by experts, rather than go through this fussy nonsense, this messy, expensive nonsense of democracy.  And they get the jobs done.


Even before this, theyíve already had their parallel government.  And Margaret Thatcher mentioned that she belonged to it.  All ex-politicians belong to it, once theyíve left office.  They donít waste their knowledge, you see.  They get the jobs done behind the scenes.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix, and talking about banking systems and the conology that runs the world.  Itís all conology.  And youíve got to understand, those who are in power, who really are in power, not the ones you elect, but the ones who run the world, have their own massive bureaucracies.  Even huge banking systems have massive bureaucracies, dealing with all kinds of things that regular governments deal with, basically, and geopolitics and all the rest of it too.  And theyíre always working fifty years, a hundred years ahead to do with investments, takeovers, all that kind of thing.  And itís not surprising that long ago they came up with the idea, these wealthy, wealthy characters that lend to nations decided to take over the planet, basically, and make it much easier for themselves and their offspring to dominate.  And of course thatís what theyíve been working at ever since. 


The trick was to con people into, first of all, even a long, long time ago, using money in the first place.  Lots of folk didnít need money, didnít use it.  They were pretty well self-sufficient in some areas.  But they had to force it upon them.  And they always did that by creating empires, getting armies to go off and take over other nations and forcing the cash on them. And then they could always tax it back off them again.  So itís a form of slavery, you see.  But you leave the slaves enough to feed and clothe themselves.  That way you donít have to have personal overseers with a whip standing there, whipping them.  They will work and theyíll earn this strange thing called money.  And theyíll feed and clothe themselves.  The rest you take off in taxes and dues and fees and all the rest of it.  So, nothing much has changed for an awful long time, but itís not really efficient enough for them now.  They want to go into an even better system. 


They have the future planned for those who are living in rural areas where theyíve been rewilding them for years now, in preparation for you lot not being there anymore.  Because, you see, if you put wolves into, say the big national parks, believe you me, the deer, and the caribou, or whatever else happens to live there, learn very quickly that theyíre going to get eaten, you see.  And itís only the stupid humans, when they put them into rural areas, that canít really figure out that itís the same with them.  Thatís what the ones who own the planet literally think of you.  Youíre nothing but food, and youíre in the way, and please move off, and move into the crowded cities.  Itís all planned that way, actually.  And Iíve gone through some government documents, like the think tanks for the military, who have come out with the stuff about the death of the rural areas and that will be part of it. 


So, Iím not talking off the top of my head here, itís just the way itís all planned.  And it may seem strange to those who havenít read the books put out by the big boys.  Youíve got to read through a lot of dry, boring memoirs of big fat characters to catch the little paragraph or line here or there, where they actually will give something out.  And they count on that too.  Most folk will never read these books, you know.  Itís too boring for them.  Thereís no sex and violence in them.  And even the violence thatís in them, itís in such a beautiful way, you think itís almost romantic, like poetic, the way they put it across in their books, until you stop and think, theyíre actually talking about the death of millions and billions of people, so that they can have the planet all to themselves and their offspring, and no doubt their cloned slaves of the future.


Anyway, this article here is from Europe, and itís called


ĎGouvernement Sachsí


(Alan: Or Government Sachs, rather than Goldman Sachs)


 and the death of a democratic Europe?


(A: And theyíre kind of on the money, if you use that term, about what theyíre saying here.  It says:)


So much has happened in Europe over the past year that you may not remember the fuss about the role of a certain global investment bank in the Greek debt crisis early in 2011 Goldman Sachs came under massive criticism for helping Greece raise $1 billion of off-balance-sheet funding in 2002 through a Ďcurrency swapí,


(A: Thatís how Greece was allowed into the European Union.  Goldman Sachs was paid, by Greece, to come in and do the books.  And do them in such a nice pretty way that the EU would say, ďoh, itís doing pretty good.  We can allow them in as a member now,Ē you see.  And Goldman Sachs was actually the company that did it.  And it says:)


which European Union regulators apparently knew nothing about


(A: Which is a lie, of course.  We know that now.)


until February 2010. At the time, Goldman was criticised for helping the Greek financial situation appear considerably better than it actually was,


(A: Which is nonsense.  These banks all know whatís happening in countries and how well theyíre doing or how badly theyíre doing.)


making it easier for the country to enter the Euro. After the Enron scandal in 2005, Goldman sold the swap to the National Bank of Greece.


You probably have noticed that over the last ten days two democratically elected leaders of sovereign European states, one the third largest economy on the continent, were forced from office without any form of consultation with their nationís people.


(A: Personally, I think it was contrived.  I think it was intended that they leave under what would appear to the public.  Itís always a show for the public, you know.  They donít sort of sink somewhere.  Generally they get promoted up back into the companies they worked for before, like Goldman Sachs, for instance.  So, they donít go down and downhill.  And I think this is intentional to bring in the technocrats.  The technocrats really, are really expert guidance rather than elected guidance.  This is the system thatís to come in.  And bureaucrats basically decide who is to be the technocrat over countries.  This is the new system, post-democratic.  And Iíve gone through the articles before about post-democratic societies that have been put out by not only the big universities, but by the EU and other high members and so on.  So, technocrats, as I say, are really what theyíve been going for all along. 


What did you think they meant when they said ďweíre now post-democratic,Ē like the Club of Rome, thirty years ago?  And theyíd have to make sure that every country would be post-democratic.  You must create financial crisis and all the rest of it, and lots of scandals, and then people lose confidence, and then you train them not to really care.  And they have been trained for thirty, forty years not to care.  And thatís Socialism.  Because you expect a paternalistic society, where the ones above you are doing their job well, and itís got nothing to do with you, and so you can go and play.  Theyíve trained a culture, very, very well, across the whole planet, a whole generation to believe this, and thatís how people really are today.   It doesnít matter what you expose to them.  Most folk will, oh, yeah.  And you can see them bored already as soon as you mention something that really matters.  So, this article here goes on to the European guys that supposedly stepped down and the ones that came in.  It says:)


At the same time, the new President of the European Central, Mario Draghi was put into place. Astonishingly, all three men have strong links to Goldman, as revealed in this Le Monde article.


(A: Which the link is on this page.  Iíll put all these links up tonight at


Draghi was vice-president of Goldman Sachs Europe between 2002 and 2005. He was responsible for ďcompanies and sovereignĒ (A: Thatís the title of it.) which oversaw, among other things, ďcurrency swapĒ deals (Draghi denies he was involved in the Greek one).


(A: Although his signature seems to be on it.)


But at least Draghi was appointed to post in the expected fashion. Greek premier George Papandreou made the mistake of attempting to give some democratic legitimacy to his departure by offering a referendum.


(A: I mean, Papandreou also was Socialist.  He was globalist.  He was all for the EU, the end of sovereignty for nations and all the rest of it.  Heíd also worked with the big banks as well.  Theyíre all in it together, believe you me.  So, this is a pantomime weíre seeing, but itís really intended to bring in, to the public, to train you to get used to the idea that eventually you wonít have to elect prime ministers and presidents, and the bureaucrats themselves that all are responsible to the banks, will literally put their own technocrats in as they call them.  Thatís what a technocrat is.  Itís meant to be post-democratic, and thatís what youíre in today.  Anyway, it says:)


All hell broke loose in the markets and the result was not only was the referendum pulled but he was forced to resign. His replacement, Lucas Papademos, was in charge of the Greek Central Bank from 1994 until 2002 and thus oversaw Goldmanís ďswapĒ deal.


(A: Well, actually, itís so easy to take the names like Draghi and so on, and do your little searches on who they are.  Theyíve all been Friends of Europe.  Friends of Europe were the secret society, secret society that worked from the end of World War II, right up until they actually got the European Union up and running.  They worked behind the scenes to con and lie to everybody on the planet, that it was going to be an actual Union with a Parliament.  It was supposed to be a talking referendum place, that theyíd all sort of meet at and discuss free trade.  They all knew what they were doing, and they were all, all employed by the same big bank and banks.  Theyíve all worked with the IMF and all the rest of it, and the European Central Bank, etc, etc.  So, the bankers are now putting in their own technocrats to oversee nations, as was intended a long time ago.  Anyway:)


His replacement, Lucas Papademos, was in charge of the Greek Central Bank from 1994 until 2002 and thus oversaw Goldmanís ďswapĒ deal.


Elsewhere, Silvio Berlusconi Ė (A: and then they give him kind of a bit of praise here) - fairly won three consecutive elections and was the longest serving post-war Italian leader. He has been replaced by Mario Monti,


(A: Look into Mario Monti.  Interesting career too.  Again, Friends of Europe.  Big EU employee for a while for the high chutzpahs.  And heís really an elitist, or an aristocrat of the European Union, as most of the top ones are.  And so, heís been put in there to be a technocrat and run that country as well, in Italy.  And it says:)


Writing in the Atlantic magazine in May 2009, Simon Johnson, ex-Chief Economist at the IMF, wrote:


(A: And the IMF is all part of them too, remember.)


ďElite business interests Ė financiers, in the case of the US Ė played a central role in creating the crisis, making ever-larger gambles, with the implicit backing of the government, until the investiable collapse. More alarming, they are now using their influence to prevent precisely the sorts of reforms that are needed, and fast, to pull the economy out of its nosedive. The government seems helpless, or unwilling, to act against them."


(A: Do you understand?  The government is just the puppet of the big banks.  Theyíve always been like that though.  And what do they get in return, all these little psychopaths in government?† They get insider trading.  Itís now legal in the US, apparently, for guys in Congress to get tips of what government is going to spend money on, and they get right in on the act, and invest in big corporations.  Itís always really been that way, you see.)


Something rather similar appears to be happening in Europe. What Draghi, Monti and Papademos also have in common is that they are classically trained orthodox economists who have spent a good part of their lives working for the European bureaucracies and banks that have bought about this disaster. 


These so called Ďtechnocratsí, bought in to calm the markets, are not proposing alternative policies.  Instead, they are proposing a policy formula we know doesnít work: massive cuts in public expenditure and the welfare state,


(A: Itís also your healthcare and everything.)


along with regressive tax rises, can only ever harm demand and growth, drive unemployment, increase inequality and economic insecurity.  Rather than allowing so called 'sovereign states' some freedom to set their own monetary and fiscal policies, these leaders appear intent only on further centralizing such powers.   


But whilst the public sector is being subjected to a massive upheaval, talk of breaking up the banks, regulating them more effectively or even imposing a tiny financial transaction tax remains, largely, talk.


So there will be no real changes, except this is the change: Technocracy has embedded itself, and you donít really need governments anymore.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt.  Weíre back Cutting Through the Matrix.  And a similar article is put out too by the Telegraph, and itís called: Goldman Sachs rules the world.  And they cover much the same kind of stuff here too.  What none of them really go into, is that thereís no left and right, you understand.  I mean, these big banks, and the guys who now represent these big banks and countries too, as they place them in as presidents and prime ministers, theyíre all supposedly Left Wing Socialists.  But what they really mean by that, they believe in the Socialist ideology on behalf of the banks, because the banks funded both sides all along, even from the days of Karl Marx and before.  So, you never allow something real to emerge.  You must make sure that if itís going to emerge, and time is right for it, and the public is going to get their own leaders, then you must put out your own leader first, you see.  Give them lots of press, and they become a hero, and then youíve got them.  Theyíll sit back and say, well, thank God, somebody is doing it all for us.  Itís an old trick.  It always works though.  But, in this article here, they go into again, the connections between the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, Italyís new Prime Minister Mario Monti, and the new Greek Prime Minister, Lucas Papademos.  Again, they always pull them out of America for Greece.  Itís just amazing.  Even though technically theyíre not Greek at all, in a sense, because a lot of them were born in the middle of Europe.  And it says all reportedly have the US investment bank as common denominator.  And meaning, Goldman Sachs, once again.  So, Goldman Sachs rules the world, and youíll be surprised too at the bigger guys above them. 


You know, thereís a lot of names at the top that youíll never see on the media.  And even above the Rothschilds and guys like that, because they donít want the public to know them.  Theyíre even more important.  You understand, if your name is in the paper, you could be hit at any time.  And the real guys at the top must always remain secret.  But it is known that they can make a phone call to any president and prime minister directly and tell them what to do, and it will be done.  And they do exist.  They do exist. 


Now, Britain was one of the first countries, and then the US followed it too, by not only bailing out some of the big banks that had screwed everybody but also buying over a lot of the shares in them.  And now, of course, theyíre selling them off again.  After the public have paid off the debts, etc, bailed them out, yadda yah. The government is then selling them off again for peanuts to the guys who owned them before and got them all into trouble.  Anyway, this one here says:


Northern Rock


(A: I guess the big bank system.)


sold to Virgin Money


(A: Whoever that is.  It says:)


The bank was nationalised in 2008 following its near collapse at the onset of the global credit crunch.


Northern Rock plc will be rebranded as Virgin Money, which has pledged no compulsory job cuts for three years.


BBC business editor Robert Peston said the sale would see taxpayers end up with a "paper" loss


(A: Meaning this is what itís going to cost you, on top of what youíve already paid.)


of somewhere between £400m and £650m.


(A: Do you understand, weíre just peasants.  You know.  Weíve always been peasants.  Anyone who really ever believed that government was there to serve them, and I mean everywhere, has got a problem.  Their indoctrination really did a number on their brain.  It really worked well.  It says:)


The bank currently employs 2,500 people, down from 5,500 when it was nationalised.


On nationalisation, the government subsequently split the bank into two, Northern Rock plc, and Northern Rock (Asset Management), into which was placed its bad debt.


Sources at Northern Rock told the BBC that there were cheers at the bank's Newcastle headquarters


(A: Iíll bet there were too.)


when the news of the Virgin Money deal was announced.


Taxpayer loss


As I say, itís only going to cost them, you know £400m or £650m.  So, thank you taxpayers, once again, and keep voting, you idiots.  You idiots.  Iíve said this for years.  You know, I watched this con my whole life.  In Britain, every town at one time had coal gas.  Thatís what they piped through to all the towns.  And they had these big massive tanks.  You couldnít miss them on the horizon, where the gas was contained.  And then, eventually, of course, it was all nationalized.  So, in other words, the taxpayer funds it to get created, to build them, to maintain them, and then they bring in the Right Wing, and they sell them off for peanuts to their pals, which was each other.  And they did the same thing with the trains.  Each time they privatized it, it would be run into the ground.  The government would take it over, nationalize it, bail it out, and then the taxpayers would re-equip everything again, and renew everything, and once it was all working, the government would sell it off again to their pals for peanuts.  And theyíve done it with everything.  Water, you name it.  Electrical supplies and power supplies.  Itís been done in every country.  The same con over and over.  And the public never seem to either mind or catch on.  Iím not really sure which.  But thatís what theyíre doing now.  Thank you, again, for bailing everybody out. 


Now I mentioned too, that, I mean, Iíve watched this system for an awful long time.  And Iíve studied it for an awful, awful long time.  And I was reading Russellís books before I was even old enough for high school.  And other authors too.  I wanted to know how the money system works.  I read the Bretton Woods Agreements, all that kind of stuff, to find out what money was.  Because, I asked a Granny once, she gave me about four pence, I think it was, at the time.  And it was the first time that anyone had ever given me any money, you see.  It was four pennies.  And I actually got a good ice cream out of it.  And I thought, why did this man take that and give me something that was worth something?  And I asked the granny.  She couldnít really tell me, because money has always been there.  And I got the same answer from everybody.  So, I went in to find out what it was.  And I was lucky, very lucky, because the library even at primary school had books on money and the history of money and who funded, who went along with the Roman armies for instance, and managed their bookkeeping for them, as they borrowed money off these traveling bankersí representatives.  Ancient times to today.  It hasnít changed, has it?  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about banking.  Itís a boring subject and we all know that, but itís with us all the time.  And, of course, we donít go and plow the land and grow our own things anymore.  We earn money, so that we can be taxed and buy the rubbish out of the grocery store, which is owned privately too, by the same guys.  Really, itís the big banks that own everything today.  They really do.  Even the military-industrial complex they own.  They own the United Nations.  They set up the United Nations when this little cabal called the Milner group, that became the Royal Institute of International Affairs, set it up intentionally to be a front, basically, under the guise of letís all be happy together and letís love each other, and spread the wealth of the world across the world, as it ends up in their own private coffers.  Because, you see, they also own, these big bankers own all the big businesses that go across the world and get the grants given to them. 


And this is about grants, you see, because the International Monetary Fund which works with the World Bank, and again, all created, some of them created before World War II, some afterwards, the whole idea was to take over the world and all the resources of the world, under the guise of helping people.  It always works, you know, it always works.  They used to have the ancient talk, the old saying about beware of Greeks bearing gifts.  That was in the ancient days when they were the so-called harbingers of democracy in ancient times.  And they had their own sort of United Nations set up there and commonwealth, until all the little countries that were absorbed by them and under them were getting taxed to death as well, and they all rebelled, and thatís why they fell apart.  But they used to come in with, oh, weíll give you gifts, you see, and hereís a few terms of agreement, though, and small print at the bottom.  And nothing has changed today.


And the International Monetary Fund also has branches in every country.  Every country.  In fact, Brown, the ex-prime minister of Britain after Blair, after he wrecked Britain or further wrecked it from Blair, Brown was sent over to manage the USís branch of the International Monetary Fund.  Isnít that wonderful, eh?  So that the US too can be, you know, milked and milked and milked.  The taxpayers that is, not the big corporations that run it.  But what they do is they give out loans to Third World countries and with lots of terms, agreements, only because, in those specific targeted countries, thereís something they want out of that country, and itís generally pretty well everything that they want out.  And they always get them into debt.  And then in comes the IMF.  Oh, dear, we have to cut your welfare and all the rest of it, and your pensions, and your healthcare, and take everything from you, until you pay it off. 


And then of course, then they bring out aging rock stars.  A great old trick, this.  Aging rock stars get put out on the road and they meet prime ministers and presidents.  And they give the gullible, ignorant West, oh, my God, letís write off the debt of these Third World countries.  And we all feel sorry, you know, and they all wink at each other, of course.  Theyíve conned the public again.  And so, they write off the debt.  What they donít tell you, any of them, is that you see, all you taxpayers are down as the guarantors.  So, when they write it off for the Third World countries, you have to pay it up.  And then immediately, your prime minister or your president will give another loan.  This is how the con trick, the trick works, you see.  Now, this article here is a boring little article, unless youíve got a mind that still functions.  And it says:


Paris Club cuts Ivory Coast's debt burden


(A: Well, thatís nice of them.  Paris Club.  What do you think, a Paris Club, a little private company, I guess, eh?  Is it?  Really?)


The Paris Club of creditor nations


(A: They have all these different terms.  Iíll get to that eventually.)


said members agreed on Tuesday to reduce the Ivory Coast's foreign debt burden and said reforms underway should lead to further relief.


(A: Exactly what I just said.  You always write it off, but you see, whoís going to pay it?  This little club here?  Well, letís read on.)


The West African nation's creditors in the Paris Club agreed to reschedule the repayment of some of the country's debts over a 10-year period. Repayment of arrears on those payments were rescheduled over eight years.


The informal grouping


(A: Itís an informal group)


of creditor governments


(A: For the hard of thinking, letís say that again.  For the informal grouping of creditor governments.  Did you know your governments are acting as bankers?  They always have been, mind you, with your money, of course.  Is it written in anybodyís constitution anywhere?  Do you find that?  No, I donít think so.)


said in a statement that the measures would reduce the country's debt service payments and arrears due by the end of June 2014 by $1.8 billion. Of that amount, $397 million would be canceled.


(A: Now, guess whoís going to pay the $397 million.  And then they immediately reschedule another loan, right?)


Ivory Coast is rapidly recovering after last year's disputed election reignited a civil war that killed some 3,000 people and displaced more than 1 million.


(A: Which is pretty routine.  And it says:)


"Participating creditors noted that following the crisis that the Republic of Cote d'Ivoire has gone through, the Government has quickly revived economic activity and resumed negotiations with the Paris Club,"


(A: Now, what is the Paris Club, eh?  And you look into it:)


An informal group of financial officials from 19 of some of the worldís biggest economies.


(A: So, itís your government officials, right.  They work through the Overseas Economic Development Fund under the United Nations, with a representative in your government, you see, so as they can take your cash, your tax money, and lend it out to these countries.  And then they cancel the debt when they canít repay it through the IMF, but youíve already signed on.  Your head honcho has signed your names all down to pay it off as guarantors.)


It meets every six weeks at the French Ministry of the Economy. 


So, you see, the Paris Club, theyíve got different clubs all over the world.  Same countries though, because you look down to see whoís in it.  Australia, Austria.  Australia is doing great right now.  You know that?  They can really afford this.  Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan.  Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States. 


And then the associated ones, ones that part pay, are Abu Dhabi, Argentina, Brazil, Israel, Kuwait, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, South Korea, Trinidad and Tobago, and Turkey.  Isnít that?  Charity is so wonderful, isnít it?  Isnít it wonderful when you open up your pockets and pour everything you have out, so that it can get squandered in other countries that are full of corruption and have no intention of using it, and neither are the guys that lent it to them.  Because all they intend to do is to take over the areas where they want to plunder them for their mineral resources, their gold, their diamonds and so on, uranium and all that.  So, people think theyíre, they really think theyíre awake, most folk.  You know that?  They really do.


Isnít that astonishing?  Iím talking to a small audience, I think.  Anyway, this is the real world.  And itís been like that since World War II really, and before, as I say.  Weíre all idiots.  You see, no one creates money, or wealth.  Put it that way.  No one creates anything of wealth except the people who make stuff.  Actually make stuff, and manage stuff.  Governments donít make anything.  They use your cash for big, private corporations.  And they lend it out through all these cons that go on, such as foreign aid and stuff like that.  And really, all weíre doing is, theyíre using our tax money to conquer the rest of the planet.  And us too, mind you.  But no one seems to care. Thereís lots of entertainment out there, isnít there?  Thereís lots and lots of entertainment. 


Now, I mentioned too about society.  Itís too sick now to help.  I hope you all understand that.  Society has been degenerated so quickly, since especially 1960, even before that, but it really went on a roll in 1960, and it was a managed roll by the way.  Every liberation movement was mentioned by Yuri Bezmenov, as coming from the Soviet side, because they were given the task of working the system.  And the West didnít mind.  They were all in on it too, all the ones at the top.  And the whole idea was to destroy marriage altogether, make it impossible for anybody to bond without fighting in the first five days that they live together.  And thatís happened.  And then the State would take up the slack by taking over all the functions that families used to do.  Now youíve got children growing up and they call social workers by their first names and say theyíre their best friends.  Iím not kidding.  Thereís articles out there on that.  Single moms.  Moms who have got hundreds of boyfriends, and thatís the modern society.  No one thinks anything about it now.  And yet, I can remember in the 70s when Britain declared that most of the homes they were going to build from now on would be for single parent families.  They all knew it was coming, because, you see, our culture is run for us.  We just follow it.  At least most folk do.


And they havenít got a clue theyíre actually following a designed plan to destroy the fabric of society as Bezmenov said.  Thatís all the things that hold you together, and have held you together for hundreds and hundreds of years against these thugs at the top.  Once youíve destroyed it, youíre too degenerate to come together and fight anything.  The ones who are organized are led by the nose by the big bankers themselves, against themselves, because the big bankers want to bring in the new system too, of technocracy.  You see.  It was their plan, a long time ago. 


Anyway, part of it too is violence, sex, and lots of things like that.  And I mentioned a game the other day, Modern Warfare III.  I put the link up to the preview of it.  And itís meant, of course, to recruit the next bunch of cannon fodder, that might even be turning on you, in fact, down the road.  Because theyíre all getting trained in urban warfare, which is like big cities.  Anyway, it grosses $775 Million in its first 5 days


And this is put out by the military-industrial complex, to make sure theyíve got, as I say, future recruits for cannon fodder.  And it will work very well, because when youíre at that age, you know, youngsters are indestructible.  They think theyíre immortal.  And itís really meant for them.  And they have all these psychologists working on these things and psychiatrists and neuroscientists and it works awfully well, it imbeds in their mind, you know, that they cannot die.  Ha, ha.  And of course, they want to be one of these big, big steroid heroes that they see.  And thatís the role image.  Because, you see, thereís no dads anymore either.  You know.  So, thatís the role.  Just like the gangs.  You understand, the whole history of gangs is single mothers became the predominant family.  Young guys had no dads.  And so the gang members in the streets would be the nearest thing to a dad.  He would steer them right and keep them out of trouble, and help him get some cash in his pocket and all the rest of it, and protect him as well.  And so, thereís nothing around anymore.


So, all they can do is look at all this fantasy theyíre given and then the military uses that.  Actually, they show these games at the military recruiting centers.  Iíve watched a documentary where they actually walk in and thereís these very games there, for these youngsters, who arenít even adults yet.  I donít care what anybody wants to say about that; theyíre not adults yet.  They donít have the wisdom of life experience to be adults.  And they watch these videos and then they go and sign up.  The desk is on one side, the video game is on the other.  All for the private enterprises, eh, that use the military and your tax money as really private mercenaries.  Because thatís all you are, you see, really is a private mercenary.  And a lot of them get killed too, much to their astonishment, because, again, they think theyíre immortal at that age.  And they always think that bad guys canít shoot straight.  You always see that in the movies, eh. 


Society has also been bureaucratized, right down to the lowest levels.  Youíll see it in stores even, they have to go through their formulas now, checking whoís who, if theyíve got credit cards and all that kind of stuff. And then youíll get the public too, standing at the checkout counter, behind someone whoís giving all their data out to a teller.  All their data.  And itís all normal now, the bureaucratization of society.  But it makes everything impossible to do.  Nothing works anymore, you see, with bureaucracy.  And it causes death, as well.  Sometimes on a mass scale, sometimes on a smaller scale.  This article here, it says:


Left to die by the health and safety fanatics


Fire chiefs wouldnít use winch to save a mother who was trapped in mine shaft. 


(A: She fell down a mine shaft taking a shortcut across a field.  Because the equipment, you see, was only for its own staff.  This is the fire department.  They would not allow their equipment to be used, because it was only for their own staff to be used.  So, there she is.  She was only 45 feet down.  So it says:)


Alison Hume left at bottom of collapsed 45ft mine shaft for six hours


(A: She was alive.)


She suffered fatal heart attack


(A: Eventually, because she was left down there.)


brought on by hypothermia


Inquiry found fire service evidence 'bullish, if not arrogant'


(A: And this was in Scotland.  It says:)


Strathclyde Fire and Rescue said her death was a source of 'enormous regret' but did not apologize


(A: Well, bureaucrats never apologize.  It says:)


An inquiry yesterday into a damning verdict on a rule book obsessed fire chief


(A: Thereís actually two of them.)


who ordered colleagues not to rescue a dying woman trapped down a mine shaft. 


(A: The lawyer says:)


Alison Hume could have survived if rank and file firefighters at the scene had been allowed to do their job and bring her out said Sheriff Desmond Lesley. 


But fire crews refused to use a winch to pull her to safety because its policy


(A: Everybody has got a policy these days, eh.)


was only to use the rescue equipment to save its own staff.


(A: Well, it seems to me none of their own staff was in any peril here.  And it wasnít getting used.)


The senior officers fundamentalist adherence to health and safety procedure and failure to take account of the extreme urgency of the situation resulted in the mother of two remaining at the bottom of the airshaft for almost six hour after Strathclyde Fire and Rescue arrived. 


(A: Six hours.  Can you believe this?  I can.  It was the same in New Orleans, remember.  When FEMA came in, all the normal rescue staff was ordered back that worked before.  And people were drowning for days.


It was not until a mountain rescue, they called in a mountain rescue to go down 45 feet in a straight shaft, in a field:)


It as not until mountain rescue experts arrived that she was brought to the service.  By then she had suffered a fatal heart attack brought on by hypothermia. 


Jeff Lesley issued his findings, following a lengthy fatal accident inquiry into her death.


And itís quite amazing too that it was so arrogant, because the fire officers said that eventually, it was a success, they said.  The fire officers, it was a success, because they got the person out.  They didnít mention that by that time, she was dead.  So, itís just astonishing.  Itís not astonishing at all.  I see it all around me, this bureaucratization of society.  Itís all through the school systems too.  Thereís no school anymore as such.  Itís just indoctrination centers.  And theyíre all taught to be uniform and group talk, you know, and anyone who doesnít join the group and agree with something has to go to the side.  Heís shunned by the group.  Some of them even put flags outside the classroom window to say thereís someone in here that is not a group player.  This is all for conformity, to make it easier to be managed by your masters and your owners. 


Now, the farming industry was taken over really in World War II in most countries. And thatís what they do. Itís like Carroll Quigley said.  You can get more done on a social and government level in five years of war than fifty years of propaganda, basically, and convincing people through propaganda.  Government takes over everything.  Well, this is for the US.


Secret farm bill primed for passage in debt deal


Lawmakers on the House and Senate Agriculture committees are trying to write a new five-year farm bill through the supercommittee process.


(A: This supercommittee, what is this?  Well, the supercommittee, is again, technocrats.  Supposed experts in their field that manage all the money now.)


The legislators are using the supercommittee to avoid what would be a more public, election-year debate in 2012, when the current farm bill expires and new legislation would be scheduled for writing, according to critics of the effort.


ďWe call it the secret farm bill,Ē said one environmental activist, who worries that if the lawmakers succeed, it will prop up U.S. farm payments through 2017.


Environmental groups and poverty advocates say the supercommittee should dismiss the recommendations from the farm-state lawmakers, which are expected to be delivered later this week. The recommendations are expected to propose the replacement of some existing farm payments with a new crop insurance program and new payments that would be linked to commodity prices.


Now, your government damn well knows, and you all damn well know, that if you donít have food folks, you know, after water, youíre going to die.  I hope you realize that.  And food has always been used as a weapon.  At one time, one of the women who was the head of the United Nations Department of Agriculture says, food has always been used as a weapon.  And other ones like Albright and so on have said, and theyíll use it too, which they did.  Theyíve starved countries out with their embargos.  This is very important, because, you see, all your food is going up on the international market in the futures, etc.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And itís shot by, this whole hour here.  So, Iím going to try and grab a caller or two.  Thereís Fairweather from Pennsylvania.  Are you there, Fairweather?


Fairweather: Yes, Mr. Alan.† Iíd like to read you a paragraph from The Next Million Years.  I really donít know what it means, but it seems pretty sick.


Alan: Yeah, Charles Galton Darwin.


Fairweather: And it says, ďAs has been already pointed out, man's present procreative instincts are failing to reproduce the species in sufficient numbers in many of the more civilized nations.Ē  And it goes on to say, ďWhether this reinforcement of the procreative instinct should be dignified by a new specific name I do not know, but, long before the end of a million years, it is almost certain that homo sapiens will be changed into homo paediphilus. Ē† What does he mean by that?


Alan: Well, when they formed the League of Nations, before he wrote that book, he wrote that in the fifties, 1950s.  The League of Nations that became the United Nations.  They said they would promote all things which were non-procreative, so pedophilia was okay.  Theyíd promote eventually in the later stages, homosexuality, lesbianism, all things that would stop families, like male and female getting together and having children.  So that was part of it.  And further on in the book, he also says, we shall introduce hormones and endocrine disruptors into the water, the food, and maybe even through inoculations, he said.  So, females would actually become more masculine in some ways, more aggressive, and men become more effeminate and less aggressive, or more manageable, basically.  So, they had it all worked out then.  And when big guys like him, remember, he was a scientist on the Manhattan Project, making the atomic bomb, he got accolades for that book, for promoting all this stuff, for reducing the population of the useless eaters for a post-industrial society.  They wouldnít need them anymore in a global society.  And also, destroying the family unit.  That was their main problem, was the family unit.  Families stand up and theyíll actually fight, and when youíve got groups of normal or natural communities, theyíll stand up and fight.  But when you have no families left, no one stands up for anyone.  And government is in complete control now.  Theyíre dominating everybody.  Every individual is dominated by government.  So, thatís what he was getting at there.  So thatís why youíre seeing all this promotion too, of bizarro-ness in the sexual sphere.  And it was planned a hundred years ago, at least.


Fairweather: In the last ten years, thereís been this big outbreak of child molesters and people in authority.  I wonder if that was their plan all along to make a society where thatís acceptable, where they can do that out in the open.


Alan: The elite themselves have always been into that though, because theyíve never followed the rules down through the ages that they always impose upon the peasants.  Otherwise theyíd have chaos.  But theyíre very bored at the top, always have been.  And they donít go along with any religions, but theyíll always turn up to make sure at church that the peasants go to church as well.  So, they never believed in the religions that they promoted upon the people.  And they practice their own things.  In fact, remember too, they only get married to have the offspring of the highbrow lineages. Thatís the only reason they get married in the first place.


Fairweather: I live near Penn State and I was pretty disgusted to see all those kids pretty much not care about the abuse.  All they cared about was their dumb game.  And they might, you know, they might accept this in the future.  It might be normal.


Alan: Well, actually, thereís no shock, thereís hardly any shock today, because theyíve had so much of this rammed down them.  Most folk donít think through things, through reason.  They learn by repetition and through osmosis.  It sort of melts into their brain.  And itís no big deal because hereís famous people laughing at it and being and doing it, in fact, so itís no shock.  But those scandals went right back to 1992.  And everybody knew about them.  But thanks for calling.  Maybe Aaron from Nevada can call, as well, maybe tomorrow. From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.  Remember too, help me out at this end, because Iím not flogging you lots of heavy stuff.



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