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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 22, 2011:

Bought Prostitutes of Evil, Climategate the Sequel:

"It's Out Now, Climategate 2, the Sequel,
With More Exposťs on Scientists of Evil,
The Redistribution of Wealth, One of the Goals
Of These Grant-Grabbing Prostitutes without Souls,
They Speak of Stocking IPCC with True Believers,
Fudging All Data These Nasty Deceivers,
You'll Pay Energy Taxes on All Goods,
Including How Much Carbon Released Making Food,
It's the Greatest Scam After Money,
Carbon Life-Forms Paying Carbon Tax, Not Funny,
And All this Wealth Scammed Goes Where?
Corporations in Third World after Skimmed Share
To Carbon Credit Bankers, the Way it Goes,
Money for Nothing and King has No Clothes"
© Alan Watt Nov. 22, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 22, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on November the 22nd 2011.  For newcomers, you should help yourselves to the audios which are free for download at  Youíll see all the sites listed there, these are all the sites that I have.  Anything outside of those sites listed there is not mine, even if my nameís on it.  Youíll find that all those sites listed have audios.  They all have transcripts in English as well, for print up.  If you want to go into youíll find transcripts in other languages to choose from.  Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you, so if you want to hear a different version of things and a bit of the history of the big system that runs the world, this big plan, itís an old, old plan, itís ever going, and we live through big changes which are planned long before weíre born.  Youíll find everything eventually is planned that way, even the wars weíre going through now and the ones to come, are all planned way in advance, and I give you the documentation too and the names of the groups that actually formed the society that runs the world and puts guys into politics, Presidents as well, Prime Ministers, and of course the global agenda.  And not only the global agenda, it isnít a matter of just saying oh we conquered the world, itís ours now, itís also to do with a scientific society theyíre bringing in, a planned society where eventually only those who are certified to have children will get to have children, and those who are not, who are deemed unfit genetically or otherwise, simply will be sterilized and allowed to die off.  HG Wells talked about it too in one of his books, A Modern Utopia, a long time ago.  Thatís what theyíd do with most of them, just sterilize them and let them just die off and then youíre left with the ones that you actually permit to go ahead.  You know, the better types, the ones who are more into being sustainable and loving each other, etc, etc. 


So help yourself to all of the information, as I say, at  Thereís hundreds and hundreds of audios.  Make use of them while you can, who knows how long theyíll stay up or get pulled or whatever, because there are so many laws getting rammed right through right now that it might all just go in a day or so.  You just never know when; it could be very, very sudden.  And itís all free so as I say, make use of it.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  And remember too, straight donations are certainly welcome, because as I say, I donít bring on advertisers as guests.  I donít have shares or I donít own companies under different names and so on.  So Iím not selling you anything at all really.  And I donít give you a spin on things.  I might tell you what my opinion is but I always give you something to back it up, information that is, or details or documentation. 


And thatís so important today because really weíre living in a matrix, a true matrix, where what you think is the whole world happens to be one little room.  And your mind is as compartmentalized as the matrix movie, where there are so many layers of rooms and levels of rooms, before you get to know whatís really going on.  And most folk will live their whole lives never, ever knowing of the bigger system all around them, within them, and above them and below them; they never know.  They fight and die through wars.  They read the media, the mainstream papers.  They watch television.  And theyíre totally indoctrinated.  They never know theyíve all been used, by people who lived long before they were even born.  And thatís still true today. 


It will stay true until the ones who run the world, with their agenda, have actually completed the whole mission.  As I say, itís documented too.  You got to understand too, this whole money system, of course we all know is a scam.  And Rothschild said it, I donít care who the puppet is in charge of England, he says, give me control of the money and Iíll be in control of the British Empire.  And that wasnít just an idle boast.  He came from a long lineage of money lenders and he knew exactly what he was talking about; theyíd done it long before.  And they rule the world today; the ones who put the guys in have the cash and elect the leaders.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and just talking about money and the power that it wields, because everything in this world runs on cash and those who can control cash and central banks, etc, really control the countries and eventually the world.  And thatís why, of course, they set up the various branches under the guise of the United Nations, like The World Bank, a private organization, as is the United Nations in fact; theyíre also a private organization, a corporation actually.  And then you find out the IMF too, is in on it and all the other ones that were set up to help take over the world.  The CIA, guys who helped fund the CIA were also big members of the IMF as well; that was one of the ways they decided they would take over the world.  So nothing is ever as it seems but you can certainly find the histories of the people involved and trace them.  Youíll find the big books, as Iíve mentioned before if you donít read Carroll Quigleyís Tragedy and Hope and his other one The Anglo-American Establishment; thereís another book out too by another author, it was called Foundations: Their Power and Influence.  You should read those books and youíll understand how the system is run.


There isnít a single politician that doesnít have the handout, when heís running for election, from the lobbyist guys, the guys who dish out the cash. And itís not cash grants because they like your smile or something.  Itís because thereís strings attached.  Youíre promising that youíll do what they want.  And thatís as simple as it can get, really.  You canít get any simpler than that.  There are folk who donít want to believe that, but thatís as simple as you can get it, for those, you know, who can.  So in other words, itís corrupt.  Itís a corrupt system.  And I used to laugh at the movies that they would churn out from the US, the old black and white movies, which they always played in Britain late nights on Saturdays or Sundays.  They had these old ones on Lincoln.  They always ended with a little boy, heís standing looking at this giant man, you see, heís saying, can I be president?† And he says, oh yeah you could be president one day sonny.  And the little boyís standing in rags, you know, a likely story.  But thatís the sort of stuff, the guff, I call it the guff which they dish out to the public, that anyone can make it.  Meanwhile itís all dependent upon factions that are out for power, who already have power, and big manufacturers, some countries involved as well, to make sure youíre all on board with the big agenda.  And youíre bought and paid; youíre a bought and paid man or woman.  Thatís how simple it is. 


And Iíve mentioned so many times that the New American Century group, I put the links up before, with their plans of attack across the Middle East and even going up to Afghanistan, beginning with Afghanistan and then into the Middle East and then one country after another, and eventually of course Iran as well.  And theyíre following this exactly to the letter, the same as they had written it out in the 1990s.  They published it twice in the 90s, this group, very wealthy and a very special interest group in fact.  And of course, Obama was congratulated by Rumsfeld a few months ago for going along with the same agenda and finishing off the rest of the countries. 


And meanwhile we all sit and play ourselves and look at trivia and we donít really think of people getting slaughtered and bombed by the biggest militaries on the planet.  It doesnít seem to affect us, because weíre dehumanized.  You see, we donít live in a reality; we canít empathize with others anymore because we canít tell fact from fiction anymore.   People will watch so many war movies, and since about the 80s, early 80s, they began to put out these more realistic movies with blood and guts, etc, and it is very realistic and now they really canít tell the difference.  It doesnít bother them at all, to be honest with you.  And people are hedonistic, as Bertrand Russell said that they would be made to be, hedonistic, narcissistic, and they would live in their own little circle of where they go, who they meet, etc.  Theyíd have no cares about other people.  Therefore, theyíre perfectly managed.  Theyíre socialized, under socialism, and they donít even really know it.  Theyíre too dumb to even know that. 


As I say, itís awful to watch country after country getting the gunsight put on them, according to the agenda, and then plundered, and then all their money looted in fact before the bombs start going off, because any foreign investments they have are grabbed and plundered by the big 3 or 4 countries, before it all happens.  And no one ever asks where the cash goes then, you see.  You understand, weíre in such incredible corruption.... thatís normal.  This is normal. This is normalcy that you take for granted.  And then when you join groups to protest the cons of money and the power that it wields, every decent person really is all for it, itís just that once they have enough numbers there the real main group amongst them Ė just like the communist party or the Bolshevik party used all the socialist groups to gain power Ė then out comes the main ones behind it all who highjack it and then they come out with a manifesto for the world.  The same old names as weíve heard most of our lives.  So everyoneís getting used and used and I always tell people donít get used.  Donít just join something because they say the right things.  Thatís what politicians do; they say all the right things to get elected.  Same with the leaders that are sent out to get numbers, number to back them up, to give world spectacles, to try and change everyoneís opinion, and then you end up with something totally different than what you started with.  Thatís what always happens.  Always.  Itís an ancient technique actually.  Ancient technique. 


And I can remember talking to a communist guy who used to come into Canada and the States quite often.  And he was from Britain.  And Iíd somehow been asked to sing at some do; I didnít know it was all these socialist groups, left-wing groups.  Mind you, there were some big players there too, for music that is.  And I was asked to play at it.  Afterwards we went into a sort of back room, and this woman brought me in, and I guess everybody thought I was one of them.  I didnít know what one of them was, until this English guy came in, straight from Moscow, and he started laying down the lines, weíve got to get all the networking going, he says.  We got to get the homosexuals together, with the Islamicists, with the Sikhs, etc, and we all must come together for every protest that we have in Canada.  And that was the beginning of that.  And I says, well you want to bring all these groups together? and I was really stunned, I didnít know what he was talking about. And he says, oh yeah, we got to get the numbers in, we got to get the numbers, he says, then we can get the real plan out, once weíve got the numbers there and get enough attention in the media.  And sure enough, I started to watch television a little bit, the news, and you saw the same people, the same people, the bunch of Sikhs, there was a homosexual group, there was different... they turned up for all these left-wing causes, all together.  That was the networking they were talking about.  And what amazed me even further, at that time, was I thought, this guy really, heíd just come from the University of Moscow, right.  He travels between England, Canada and the US with impunity, never gets stopped or anything else.  And then I realized the whole darn thingís a con.  In other words, socialism was to be used to bring in this system, and we know now of course, from various writings and exposťs, that the big banking boys themselves, the fraternity at the top, are the ones who created and financed all forms of socialism from the beginning.  Because itís much easier to control a world of socialized people under massive bureaucracies and government and police and all the rest of it, than it is in a free society.  Itís much easier for the banker to deal right with governments then, and give them lots and lots of loans, because all the socialist systems have massive welfare states. 


So this is how the world really works.  Itís hard for some people to understand it, but of course it doesnít matter about those people because indoctrination has worked too perfectly upon them.  Some people can wake up, a lot canít. Actually most canít, I think, in all ages, to be honest with you. 


Now as I say, theyíre going to attack Iran shortly and Syria too has been massively infiltrated and thereís different factions fighting with each other.  Thatís what they do, is send in the insurgents first.  Getting back to other things too, Japan just disappeared of course when they started to bomb Libya.  On the day they bombed Libya, Japan just didnít exist anymore.  Up until then it was mainstream, because there was nothing else to talk about at the time.  And we know that Japan had one of the worst contamination spills, of all time really, still going on, and lots of people have died.  Lots of people will die.  Lots will come down with diseases in the future, radiation related.  And terrible destruction of property as well.  And we donít hear much about it.† This article here is about...


Radiation covers 8 percent of Japan

ABC.NET.AU / North Asia correspondent Mark Willacy / November 22, 2011


The Fukushima plant went into meltdown after a massive earthquake and tsunami hit the country in March.


Japan's science ministry says 8 percent of the country's surface area has been contaminated by radiation from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant.


It says more than 30,000 square kilometres of the country has been blanketed by radioactive caesium.


The ministry says most of the contamination was caused by four large plumes of radiation spewed out by the Fukushima nuclear plant in the first two weeks after meltdowns.  (Alan:  Actually itís a lot more because it was going on long, long after that.)


The government says some of the radioactive material fell with rain and snow, leaving the affected areas with accumulations of more than 10,000 becquerels of caesium per square metre. (A:  And theyíre talking about possibly having to ban the rice harvest to the north.  Thatís a lot of rice because they really depend on rice up there and thatís going to leave them awfully, awfully low.  And of course, they canít export it as well.)


So itís pretty sad that theyíre sort of out of the picture, and no one cares.  Do you?  We donít really care.  Isnít it amazing too, itís like the old things... I can remember going way back to when there were famines in different parts of the world when I was young.  And the media would just go into overdrive and show you all these poor starving people.  And all the cash would come out the wallets and the pennies would chink away and youíd try to do something.  But the same media that can GET you, stir your emotions Ė just like movies, you cry, you laugh, all the rest of it Ė can just change its attention, it focuses somewhere else just like that and you forget all about it.  What does that say about us?  What does that say about us, eh?  And peopleís memories?  Or emotions for that matter, transitory emotions...?  you know, generated by television and specialists, specialists in generating those emotions.  [Alan laughing.]  The same emotions can be generated to hate a country as well. Hate them, hate them, hate them... meanwhile theyíre telling you not to hate anybody, that hateís bad.  But itís okay for us all collectively to hate a country because the media tells them how bad they are.  Oh, theyíre terrible.  Oh, theyíre horrible.  You know.  I can remember all the terms that they used for different countries even when Reagan was in and before that.  Theyíve used that down through time, where they really demonize a country, the Great Satan, and they kept changing, again, their gunsights then too, just like they do today, one country after another. 


Now, weíre going into... weíre actually into, well into this totalitarian system.  Terrorism is going to be with you forever.  This is the name of the system to control you all, across the whole planet. They need it to control the planet, as everyone is brought under control and weíll talk about that when I come back from this break.


Hi folks, Iím back Cutting Through The Matrix and weíre into the age, of course, of advanced technology. The stuff that weíre getting told about of course, that theyíre working on, is always obsolete in fact because theyíve done these things a long, long time ago.  All war programs go the same way.  They always give you stuff that theyíve used long ago, in isolated cases or tested out or used, and then they tell you years later that itís the latest thing.  Thatís how you do things.  Itís always been that way in warfare.  Most of the things even in World War II, they had fake airfields, fake planes and so on, it wasnít to fool the Germans coming over, it was to fool the people living round about the area, so they wouldnít open their mouths and give the real truth away.  Oh yeah, thereís airplanes there, thereís real airplanes there.  It was all fake stuff.  And then they used to give fake advanced weaponry releases out to the Germans too, thinking oh weíll never beat these guys because theyíve got all this advanced weaponry.  Germany did the same thing.  So you can never believe them.  And then you find, way after the war, they were using infrared, and for communication, microwave communication, and even heat-seeking devices, during World War II, but you didnít hear about it until they gave us the microwave many, many years later to cook with.  So itís always been that way.  You must deceive the people first. 


Weíre also going into monitoring.  Of course, everything is monitoring today from birth to death.  They said that, oh, when I was small.  They said, under socialism, this world socialism system, it will be constant monitoring from birth to death.  And this article here, it says...


Goodbye Roll Call, Hello RFIDs / Morgen Peck  /  September 23, 2010


Upon arriving in the morning, according to the Associated Press, each student at the CCC-George Miller preschool will don a jersey with a stitched in RFID chip. As the kids go about the business of learning, sensors in the school will record their movements, collecting attendance for both classes and meals. Officials from the school have claimed they're only recording information they're required to provide while receiving federal funds for their Headstart program. 


So the Feds are behind it all, and they want to track and trace every child, and also get those children used to being tracked and traced.  You understand, you have to train them young, and thatís why they started training them years ago under the guise of violence and bringing nail files to school, or you know, nail clippers, or anything at all for that matter.  They had to go through all these magnetic sensoring devices, to train them for eventually what would become 9/11 and more intrusion.  To those children, they adapted right into that, at airports, without a thought; they were already trained in advance, you see.  You always train them in advance.  You know Lenin said it, so did Stalin, you know, you always train the children first for the kind of society they are going to have when they grow up.  And itís only the ones who are older who havenít gone through that that are getting all offended.  So weíre all trained, you see.  And here the children are getting trained to be tracked and traced all the time.  And whatís really interesting to me is, see, their food, their meals at school will be automatically deducted and registered via this chip as well.  And thatís getting them used to a completely cashless and electronic society and for the time when theyíll eventually get credits, as Bertrand Russell said they would, worldwide, as a control mechanism.  And if youíre tracked and traced and you werenít where you should be youíll be punished by the withholding of credits.  This is from a guy who said that about 50-60 years ago, who was in on the big plans of course.  Iíll put these links up tonight just to let you see them, and itís good youíll know Iím not talking off the top of my head too.


And then you find of course, the big news today is that Climategate 2, or the sequel, has come along with thousands of more emails to do with how they fudged all the statistics and how they said theyíd have to staff the IPCC at the United Nations with guys who were all true believers, and get rid of all the other ones.  And it wonít matter.  I said it the first time too with Climategate 1.  This is an agenda and they arenít going to change it for anything.  Itís essential for this global government and the massive taxation that they plan to get from it and the carbon trading the big corporations will use.  And more importantly, the power it will hold over everyone because YOU are going to pay for existing.  Just like George Bernard Shaw said, from the Fabian Society, youíll have to go to them and tell them why you should be allowed to live.  You must contribute everything to society.  You cost money.  You cost, you take food, clothing, all these things from the earth.  You will pay for that, you see.  Thatís what itís about.  And of course, they even have the emails in here where they say some things like this, where they say that, they actually equate it with the redistribution of wealth across the world, which of course is communism.  And as I say, the big international bankers are the ones who funded all forms of socialism, communism, Hitler, Stalin, Lenin before him; they funded it all.  And of course, Anthony Sutton did great books on this fact, the documentation from some of the top sources on it all too, so itís all verified.  Hard for most folk to still believe because they prefer to believe in, I donít know, Disney or something like that. 


Thereís one here, as I say, from JoNova Science, a very good article on it there.   And then we get The Telegraph blogs as well; it says ďuh oh, global warming loons: here comes Climategate IIĒ.  And itís got all the links to download the stuff as well if you want to do that.  I donít have high enough speed to download it myself, thereís so much of it there.  And thereís another one, Wattsupwiththat, of course, he gets a lot of it out, with more links, where to download it, zip files, etc.  Iíll put these links up tonight at and you can go through them at your leisure. 


Breaking! Apparently, more emails released. Climategate II? -


Uh oh, global warming loons: here comes Climategate II! - / November 22nd, 2011


Climategate 2.0 emails Ė Theyíre real and theyíre spectacular! - / Nov 22, 2011


As I say, it wonít change a thing.  Itís already up and running, this carbon taxation.  Youíll see it in Australia and Gillard has told them, you know, just get used to it.  Actually she said, if things are bad now, just you wait.  [Alan laughing.] Thatís what she said, eh.  And theyíve also banned anybody talking about it in Australia.  Isnít that wonderful, eh?  Thatís the new normal now, you canít talk about it; sheís copying the Soviet Union. 


What Iím going to do right now, thereís a couple of guys hanging on there.  Thereís Darren from Ireland hanging on the line there.  Iíll see if I can get a hold of him here.  Are you there Darren?


Darren:  Hello, Alan.  How are you today?


Alan:  Not bad at all.  Yeah.  Oh, I tell you, hold on; the musicís coming in.  I canít stop it.  Itís automatic.  Iíll talk to you when I come back from this break. 


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt.  Weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking to Darren from Ireland.  Are you still there Darren?


Darren:  I am Alan.  So how are you today?


Alan:  Not bad at all, yeah.


Darren:  I was reading, I donít know if youíve read it, itís Platoís Symposium


Alan:  Yeah.


Darren:  Itís just that itís very interesting, if your listeners would ever have a chance to pick it up.  They kind of go, in their conversational piece they do kind of go through their God and their religion.  Iím just going to read a quick quote from this, in the middle of the book, where heís explaining their God being both male and female.  And the section, Iíll just read it quickly, it says...


But they who are a section of the male follow the male, and while they are young, being slices of the original man, they hang about men and embrace them, and they are themselves the best of boys and youths, because they have the most manly nature.


And in the rest of the book... I guess itís the psychopaths themselves trying to, you know, justify why they have a thing for young boys and...† And a very quick read and a interesting book.  And I just never heard it been mentioned before, but I think if anyone has a chance to pick it up they should really quickly pick it up.


Alan:  Also, what to read too, I mean, Plato, the great Plato that gave us a kind of blueprint, a vague blueprint for this world agenda, The Republic, the book The Republic.  He also wrote a how-to book to seduce young boys for one of his friends.  And thatís big up in certain factions of todayís society; itís very, very popular for certain factions, how to seduce young boys.


Darren:  And Iím going to read something quickly, Alan, just about, itís from The Book of Dun Cow, itís one of the annals of Ireland.  Itís an old book, about maybe... the story itself from this book is a thousand years old.† Itís to do with I guess, well I guess your listeners can put the pieces together.  But with America, now we all know that they all say in the history books that Christopher Columbus, or Christopher Columbi discovered America.  But if you donít mind Iím just going to quickly read this out, which is a small poem, itís actually a beautiful piece of poem, but it kind of gives it a hint away that theyíre talking about America.† This is from The Book of Dun Cow, which tells how the Prince Connla of the golden hair, son of king Conn the Hundred-Fighter, was carried off by a fairy in a crystal boat to Moy-Mell.  One day Ė as the story relates Ė while the king and Connla and many nobles were standing on the crystal shore, this crystal boat apparently appears on the shore and this maiden comes off and tries to enchant this prince onto the boat.  And the poem goes like this, itís the fairy maidenís chant to the prince Connla.


A land of youth, a land of rest,

A land from sorrow free;

It lies far off in the golden west,

On the verge of the azure sea.


A swift canoe of crystal bright,

That never met mortal viewó

We shall reach the land ere fall of night,

In that strong and swift canoe:


We shall reach the strand

Of that sunny land

From druids and demons free;

The land of rest,

In the golden west,

On the verge of the azure sea!


A pleasant land of winding vales, bright streams, and verdurous plains,

Where summer, all the live-long year, in changeless splendour reigns;

A peaceful land of calm delight, of everlasting bloom;

Old age and death we never know, no sickness, care, or gloom;


The land of youth,

Of love and truth,

From pain and sorrow free;

The land of rest,

In the golden west,

On the verge of the azure sea!


There are strange delights for mortal men in that island of the west;

The sun comes down each evening in its lovely vales to rest:


And though far and dim

On the ocean's rim

It seems to mortal view,

We shall reach its halls

Ere the evening falls,

In my strong and swift canoe;


And ever more

That verdant shore

Our happy home shall he;

The land of rest,

In the golden west,

On the verge of the azure sea!


It will guard thee, gentle Connla of the flowing golden hair,

It will guard thee from the druids, from the demons of the air;

My crystal boat will guard thee, till we reach that western shore,

Where thou and I in joy and love shall live for evermore:


From the druid's incantation,

From his black and deadly snare,

From the withering imprecation

Of the demon of the air,


It will guard thee, gentle Connla of the flowing golden hair;

My crystal boat will guard thee, till we reach that silver strand,

Where thou shalt reign in endless joy, the king of the Fairy-land!


And thatís from an old Celtic romances; I think it was translated by Dr Joyce in the 1800s.† And itís funny, you canít really find out... but it kind of tells a lot because I think you mentioned a book before, I think, America BC, where they actually did find druidaic ruins.


Alan:  Thatís right.  That was by a Dr Fell, Barry Fell, America BC; heís got two or three out actually.  And I know for a fact, because Iíve seen them, that thereís Phoenician stones, carved stones and Phoenician writing, along the coast of Scotland for instance, but they also had them along Canada and the States as well, especially the eastern seaboard.  So the Phoenicians were here long before that, and they even had some Roman coins from ancient Rome alongside the graves as well.  So thereís been different peoples here at different times, no doubt about it.  And I think even with some of the standing stones theyíve found as well, there was some kind of ancient world connection or culture at one time across the whole planet; thereís too many standing stones.  Built the same way too, the megalithic structures of course, same type of support system they put in the walls.  Thatís no coincidence.  So down through the ages thereís definitely been traversing of the seas in ancient times, before they gave us what they call civilization, probably, and the money system.  [Alan laughing.]


Darren:  I just want to make a quick note, to most people who join these groups and fight for some sort of past that never was, and I guess this is the people of Ireland as well, who have been constantly struggling and fighting, even in the olden days of Ireland there was still kings and there was still nobles.  So people keep fighting for a system thatís been always there.  And I guess this system, that they fight for, was never theirs.† So I think people have to stop looking at the past and try to look beyond, in the future, and not the planned future that theyíre falling into as well.  And on Australia, the point of Australia you were making there, itís funny because Australia now is a boiling pot now, and especially in Ireland, everyoneís immigrating over to Australia from here, and I guess England as well.  I found it funny because in the olden days they were putting, you know, the Gaelic people on the boats to go to Australia by gunpoint and now people are just freely, freely going over there just because itís...


Alan:  Because itís so bad in Britain.  [Alan laughing.]  Thatís right.  I know.  Itís ridiculous, eh, because people donít realize too, that they had the highland clearances going on at the same time as they were basically clearing Ireland out as well, and the judicial system brought out hundreds and hundreds of laws because people were so poor at the time, if you stole a loaf of bread that guaranteed you transportation or deportation to Australia.  And thatís how they populated Australia.  It was a prison colony, Van Diemenís land they called it.  And itís funny enough, I knew a guy who did the album covers for Led Zeppelin and he lived up near me at one point.  And he loved, he loved to poach.  This was a weird thing he had, he loved to poach rabbits.  Heíd go out at night and heíd poach rabbits with a net and the ferrets.  And he got caught on one of the Lordís lands there.  So he was going to court and so he looked into the court cases, the court laws to see what would happen to him.  And he found one where you could still be deported with your family to Australia, for poaching, getting a rabbit on the Lordís land.  So he turned up at court, for a laugh, and I went along with him too, with his suitcases all set and he demanded free transportation to Australia.  [Alan laughing.]  He got fined about 5 quid and that was it.  [Alan laughing.]  But these laws are still on the books. And now Britain is such an awful, awful shambling mess.  Thereís no culture at all.  Under multiculturalism there is no culture, which is exactly what they wanted, these big boys.  And itís miserable.  People are living in misery and depression.  And theyíve never really known freedom; theyíve always been at the mercy of the worst latest news which is always worse than the last news and everythingís getting more expensive, and etc, etc.  And theyíre taxed to high heaven.  And thatís why theyíre trying to get out of Britain now; itís such an awful, awful mess.  I canít see any future for it, you know. 


Darren:  And actually a quick question.  The Irish flag, itís the very same colors as the Indian flag.  And they give us this funny story of what it really means but do you know what that green, white and gold means?  Or does it have any?


Alan:  They had a different meaning in those days than they have today.  Today itís cabalistic now but before that it was a different system all together that goes way back to even Druidic times.  In the modern system white always stood for spirit, you know, and connection to the deity.  Gold also means to be ruled by royalty, unfortunately, and the money system, you know.  So itís different today than it used to be, in ancient times.  It was far more, again, poetic in ancient times, and nothing nasty about it.  Today everything is pretty nasty, because cabalism rules the system that we do live in; thereís no doubt about it whatsoever.  Itís sad but true.


Darren:  I think it is pretty sad but I think, like Iíve noticed... youíve always mentioned, you talk about India when the English moved out and they moved out while leaving an English system behind.† And they did the exact same thing in Ireland.  And people, you know, you mention this here and there, and thereís always still a kind of a bickering, you know, but at the same time we live in the exact same system and the same state that England had left us in.† Itís just a funny.


Alan:  That goes back, and this is law, this is actually English law, and it was drafted up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Lord Mountbatten, in fact during World War II and before World War II, when they still had a hold of India, he was put out there to champion it and fix it out, but he said, itís our policy, our law, he says, never to leave one of our colonies until weíve inserted the exact same political structure as England itself.  And thatís what they did.  Once they had one generation trained to be bureaucrats, with extra perks, the masonic lodge of course and everything else, then they could draw out and leave it.  And thatís the same, to be the same with every other British colony. But they will never, ever just walk out and let it go back to what it was. They always put that structure in.  And thatís why theyíre still called parts of the British Commonwealth. And the term British Commonwealth was also invented by the Milner Group of bankers who became the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  So this is their policy for well over 100 years.  Yeah, youíre quite right.  And in India they have that perfect setup there of bureaucrats, with the exact same structure and tiered system of bureaucracy going up to the top.


Darren:  Itís funny that you mention the masonic structures because from the parliament building in Dublin, 3 doors down, the second largest of the masonic lodges, is just sitting there.† And I found it ironic one day that someone pointed it out to me and you know, itís just funny that no one ever really mentioned this at all. 


Alan:  No.  No they donít mention things. 


Darren:  Literally, itís like walking down... itís about 5 meters Iíd say from the parliament building, this big, you know, huge building, and even the arches out as well onto the road.  People just walk by it every day, I guess, you know, I guess probably just think itís some nice charitable organization.


Alan:  Thatís the image they put out, yeah, just a bunch of guys getting together for charity, and yet that is a core part of the system of rulership for this royal system.


Darren:  I was in there having a walk around and you know, at that time I didnít know much about it, and Iíd heard all the rumors on the internet and of course the internet can fill you with a lot of things.  But the guy there was very nice, and this is a funny story.  We got this tour, we got this tour of the place. And itís a beautiful place.  But he mentioned a few things that really kind of knocked me off guard.  He mentioned, in the 1916 riots in Ireland, that it was taken by the Irish but they left it perfectly as it was found and never left a scratch in it.  And another point is, there was an American man who actually came here to visit it as well, and he mentioned that, I presume he was a high degree, because he mentioned kind of offhand... and my tour guide, the guy that was there at the reception, he kind of looked at him strange. But he said, he mentioned that he was there for Prince Charlesís or it was Prince Williamís inauguration, into the lodge. And the man kind of looked at him as if, you know, why would you just say that to, you know, me, obviously the profane walking into the place?† I just thought it was a funny meeting.  But he made it out to be a very charitable organization, you know.  And at the time, you know I mean, you know, he really had me, like, going.  I was like, wow this actually might be not what I thought, but I donít really, you know... you have to look at both sides.  Like you know, I wasnít going to jump onto the rails and let the train hit me.


Alan:  Yeah.  But youíre quite right though, itís prevalent through all societies and all through court system across the whole... this masonic world.  Youíll see all the gestures in the courts all the time, between the sheriff and the clerks and the lawyers and the judges, and all their little hand signals.


Darren:  Under nice Anglo voices.


Alan:  Yes.  Oh, absolutely.


Darren:  I actually went to look at a court room one day, just to see what goes on, and this judge, Iím sure he was a burgher from the middle of Ireland, come out with this very prim and proper Anglo accent.  And I was stunned, you know, I mean.† I didnít stand up for the man; unfortunately I did get a few looks thrown at me.  But thatís all I want to say Alan.  I just want to say thanks. And to everyone out there thatís listening, buy the books, the disks and donate to yourself, Alan.  I just want to thank you very much.


Alan:  Well thanks for calling.  And call again. 


Darren:  Thanks.  Thank you.


Alan:  But itís true.  Itís a Masonic system and Irelandís been plagued with royalty and its masonic system for centuries actually.  Itís true enough too, itís interesting going back to the histories of Ireland and Scotland, and youíll find that, yeah, they had kings or nobles, and lairds and all the rest of it. 


Again, the money system came in pretty early.  It vanished for a while when the Romans pulled out, when Rome occupied it, parts of England.  Eventually they came back in and the next thing you knew they brought in the money lenders with them, because the money lenders were in charge of the Roman armyís monetary systems.  There were quartermasters, they called them, and they took the debts and they took all the, what was owed to whom, etc, and then they presented their bill back to the head chutzpa in Rome and they got their cash.  And then they were allowed to introduce cash into the system, get the people to use it, then tax it back from them through usury, etc.  And they were the tax collectors; the same guys were the tax collectors.  And for centuries thatís why that one group was actually hated by the ordinary people.  The king didnít send his guys out to collect the taxes.  Actually the money lenders that came in from abroad had to go around and collect it from the people themselves.  Quite a history there, but thatís the way things are. 


What a history when you think about it, of conology, as I say.  And money is the key.  And then again too, when the monied system comes into a new country, you see, as it did in days of old, with the armies, they had big building projects; they always start off with big building projects.  Big roads for the military and different things and then big buildings to awe the peasantry, and then youíre stuck with this usury system and taxes.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, weíre Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about the Climategate scandals and you got part 2, the sequel, coming up of course and itís out now.  Iíll put all these links up tonight, remember, at and you can look them up and download them before they disappear as well.  Iíve mentioned before that you have all these climate specialists, climate journalists they call them now, that just appointed themselves to every newspaper.  Youíve got to be green now, you see.† At one time green meant that you were going to be sick.† Anyway, it says...


BBC's Mr Climate Change accepted £15,000 in grants from university rocked by global warning scandal / David Rose / 19th November 2011


A senior BBC journalist accepted £15,000 in grants from the university at the heart of the ĎClimategateí scandal Ė and later went on to cover the story without declaring an interest to viewers.


Roger Harrabin, (A:  An interesting name.) the BBCís Ďenvironment analystí, used the money from the University of East Angliaís Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research to fund an Ďad hocí partnership he ran with a friend.


Mr Harrabin, an influential figure who both broadcasts and advises other BBC journalists, later reported extensively about Climategate. The scandal erupted two years ago when emails were leaked from the Tyndall Centreís sister department, the Climatic Research Unit at the same university.


The leaks left the scientific community in dis-array after claims that key data was manipulated in the run-up to a major climate change summit.  (A:  So if you wonder... again, money again, eh. Theyíre all on the take and of course all these climate specialists that work for the newspapers Ė cushy job, eh Ė just pushing windmills and all that kind of stuff, and coming down on the so-called deniers Ė theyíve borrowed the different terminology, which works very well, and itís also psycho techniques as well.  Anyway it says...)


Last night, Mr Harrabin insisted he does not derive any personal financial benefit from the grants and that far from making him more sympathetic to UEA, the sponsorship Ė of which the BBC had been aware Ė Ďmade me doubly determined to investigate Climategate. If I had been misled by UEA I wanted to be among the first to knowí.  (A:  And thatís what you always do for a good defense, is you attack, you see.  These guys are taught to attack immediately and they do it very well.)


Theyíre all on the take of course, and all these scientists that are also dependent upon grants, and the grants keep flowing.  Millions are being thrown at them and theyíre living awfully well.  If it ever fails of course theyíre back on the dole looking for another grant or some other area.  I mean, who needs lots of weathermen?  You know. What did a weatherman get paid before all this came out, you know?  Not a lot.  It wasnít a very... you didnít see hundreds of folk going to become weather specialists and all this kind of stuff beforehand; they were lucky to get... unless they joined the masons and had relatives in the BBC they wouldnít get a job, and give you the weather after the news.  But really, thatís the reality of it.  Itís all conology, but itís a bigger plan.  Itís to rule the world and to rule every individual, as basically HG Wells talked about, they needed techniques to rule the individual and of course the Fabian Society said the same thing. And youíll have to pay, pay, pay just for the privilege of breathing, you know, and for all that CO2 you breathe out, or how much it costs to make that shirt youíre wearing, and youíll pay all the taxes on that, for fuel and the carbon itís supposed to produce in the making of it.  Iím not kidding.  Thatís what itís all about.  As I say, Iíll put these links up. 


And the one with Australia too, where Gillardís using the old communist technique Ė under communism everything that was printed had to go through a central bureau for censorship and basically this article is basically saying itís much the same in Australia now, where retailers are not allowed to say how much carbon tax theyíre going to pay, or youíre going to pay when you buy things.  Itís going to be taboo.  And Julia wonít be too happy about it at all. 


The tax whose name shall not be spoken -


Itís amazing how they tell you these things 100 years beforehand and here they come with it.  Even when you warn folk they wonít believe you.  And when it actually happens theyíll say, yeah, but theyíll never say you were right.  Theyíll never say you were right.   [Alan chuckles.]  Strange... strange creatures, human beings, arenít they?


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.  Remember too, if you buy the books and disks, etc, I can hang on a bit longer.  Iím selling you nothing else and Iím not promoting products, etc.  Just trying to get you awake, at least a few of you, because itís more important that individually you understand the system.  And Iíll talk to you again tomorrow. 



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